Wrought Iron Fencing – Strong & Stylish

Tough as ever, wrought iron fencing has a great history. This is especially true in England, where Westminster Abbey still has gates made of wrought iron from the thirteenth century. Using wrought iron for fencing might inspire admiration from neighbours, but it is a strong, effective and stylish addition to walls, fencing lines and other property containments. Bespoke, yet built to last for years, it commands respect.

Stand Out

Long used as the primary barrier for houses of distinction, castles, official estates and exclusive properties, wrought iron fencing has expanded in applications. Many owners of less magnificent or large homes and lands use this fencing to add character and a patina of distinction. Perfect for setting off special areas in a garden or demarcating property lines, solid wrought segments stand out, but can be seen through.

Save Money

You can also save money over constructing an entire wall around your land, by using wrought iron fencing segments. Your dividing columns or stylised segments can be made of brick, concrete, slate, natural stone in cement or wood. Gateway side segments are often constructed of wrought iron to serve as a dominant stop-point. A strong steel gate adds the final touch to such a secure design.

Other Uses

Often, a wall surrounding a yard or larger property needs some visual break in it. This can be for aesthetic reasons, if you want some break in the same consistent view. Usually, however, wrought iron fencing serves to give openings to a brick laid wall, to allow see-through. A handsome topping to a wall, it offers security with a view, and can serve as a trellis for climbing plants.

Windows in alleyways are better protected with well-placed wrought iron, as are out-of-view doorways. Segments of wrought iron fencing, when placed wall-top on graduated levels, provide perfect enclosures for multi-level gardens on sloped yards. This type of fencing is ideal for large pets, assuming they cannot jump over it, and that children don’t reach through it. In those cases, wooden, chain link and many other fencing options are available.

Nature preserves, parks and other areas that cannot be monitored everywhere use wrought iron fencing for security. People just cannot easily scramble over, sneak under or topple a good wrought iron fence. Use sturdy wood fence posts made of oak or other hardwoods, or use cement or steel posts. Plant fence posts securely to hold up the heavy fencing, and it might outlast even you.

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9th Apr 2019