Why should you use Willow and Hazel Hurdles in your garden?

Hurdles have an excellent reputation due to their long history in the agricultural world where they were used to pen livestock or separate land in open field systems. Today they can be found in many people’s back gardens and various other places too.

Hazel or willow hurdles suit traditional looking homes and gardens because of their rustic and natural appearance. If you want to add a touch of rural magic to your garden, hurdles are certainly the way to go. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, willow and hazel hurdles have a few other helpful uses.


Hurdles have been traditionally used as screening between short hedgerows to offer privacy to garden owners. As the hedgegrows grew, hurdles were then covered up until they wore away. Nowadays it seems a real shame to cover up such an attractive piece of craftsmanship.

How about using hurdles as an alternative to traditional fence panels to border your garden. The two types of fencing will both deliver on practicality and strength and will give you the privacy you are looking for. However hurdles will offer you a more rustic appeal. Due to the small gaps in-between the weave on hurdles, they are also great for withstanding high winds.


Make unsightly areas or objects in your garden, such as bins disappear! Well, not literally but hurdles will certainly keep them disguised.

You can also create divisions in your garden in order to draw attention to focal points like flower beds or section off dining areas like decking. Willow and hazel hurdles are also perfect for growing climbing plants, offering a practical yet attractive solution to displaying flowers in your garden.


Hazel and willow hurdles are simple to install as they only need a round stake to be driven into the ground and the hurdles are wired to the post. Use simple pointed posts and then secure your hurdle using galvanised line wire. It is important to remember that panels cannot be cut so make sure you have the right size or overlap them to fit.

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9th Apr 2019