Why Build a Raised Bed With Railway Sleepers?

AVS Fencing Supplies are a huge supplier of railway sleepers for garden and landscaping projects. This means you can have great confidence in the product with competitive prices and rapid delivery. Railway sleepers supplied included are both new and recycled in hardwood and treated softwood and are creosote-free.

Container vegetable gardening has grown in popularity over the years and recycling different objects to create a unique growing space is a great way to start.

The advantages of raised beds are:

  • You can add soil which is suitable for herbs, vegetables or plants you want to grow.
  • They save you back strain because you don't have to bend down so far!
  • They need less watering than containers.
  • The disadvantage of raised beds is:

  • You have to design and build them.
  • We can help to take care of that for you. Here are a few important points to bear in mind:
  • Remember that raised beds are for the long term, so choose their site carefully. Do your plants want a sunny or shady position?
  • Don't make your raised bed wider than you can comfortably reach.
  • A height of 30 - 60 cm deep is sufficient for most small and medium sized plants.
  • How to make a wooden raised bed out of AVS railway sleepers:-

    What you will need:

  • Four railway sleepers
  • Eight tree stakes
  • Saw and hammer
  • Lay out the railway sleepers on edge in their final positions. Ensure that the best edge uppermost.
  • Hammer the two tree stakes into the ground, about 4cm from each corner, to hold the corners together.
  • Cut off ensuring the top of the stakes are flush with the railway sleepers. If you are making the bed on a paved surface use coach bolts to hold the sleepers together.
  • Fill your brand new sleeper raised bed with a suitable soil or compost. Top tip: If you want to grow herbs, then mix the top soil with grit.
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