What Colour Should I Paint my Fence?

A splash of colour here and there can make a huge difference to the look of your garden, so it's well worth considering all the different options whether you're planning a whole new design or just making some subtle changes. 

Grey painted Trellis and fence

If you're thinking about choosing a colour or tone for your fence you need to consider your overall garden design. Spend some time choosing the colour for your garden fencing to make sure that it fits in with its surroundings. If you are however, unsure about what colours would suit your garden best, here's some helpful hints to get you started.

Think Outside the Box
Want to add a bit of interest to your garden? A stand-out, strong colour on your fencing could be the answer.
An earthy yellow, for example, is modern and can act as an on-trend contrast to the more traditional aspects of your garden. The juxtaposition of old and new elements creates a timeless look. A gold fence stain, meanwhile, is a good option if you're looking for something subtle but equally as attractive.

Blue-grey shades are ideal for making a cool statement with your garden fencing. These colours look particularly good set off against darker-coloured plants and foliage.

Unleash your dark side
Prefer something darker in colour? A plum shade contrasts green leaves perfectly and adds brightness to your garden on the dullest of days. If the idea of bold or dark colour isn't for you, however, just remember that colours appear much paler outside than they do inside. This gives you the chance to be a bit braver with fence colours.

Strong shades work particularly well in small courtyard gardens as they can add a wow factor to the space. If you want to make a small area in your garden look good, why not just paint garden furniture such as pergolas in a Mediterranean terracotta shade and keep your fencing looking brand new with a product like clear oil?

A dark grey-coloured fence can create the ideal backdrop for natural plant tones such as burgundy, pale green and cream. A dark brown garden fence is also a great choice as it offers a contemporary feel to a traditional or modern garden.

Brown featheredge panel

9th Apr 2019