Treating your Decking

So your decking is now in place and you want to know how to treat it? Or your existing decking is in need of a new look? The good news is that wood stain for decking comes in a myriad of colours and applications so you're bound to find what suits your garden best. Not only can you use it to match to your existing house colours and fencing but it will extend the life of your decking. Quality stains guard against wood rot, keeping decking beautiful and more weather-resistant over time. Here's all you need to know... 

Quality Matters

Always use only the best quality wood stain for decking, as it is good insurance for the long life of your deck, and well worth a bit more expense. If staining an old deck, strip off the old stain first, to limit flaking of a new stain.

Power washing can be done, but stains and sealers must be applied to dry decking, so wait for a week of dry weather to do this.

Check Instructions

Steps vary for each product, so check instructions on each container of wood stain for decking. Generally, you can use either a sprayer or brush for application. In some cases, the slower brush method is required. Apply stains in moderate temperatures, not high heat.

Early morning (after dew has evaporated) and past-midday times are best. Check instructions to see if multiple coats are recommended. Always allow plenty of time for drying of any stain before walking or moving furniture on the decking.


Use different materials for various purposes and for different wood sections. AVS Fencing sell a wide range of protective wood stain for decking, to match their many different colours of deck planks, railings and your nearby fencing.

If we don’t have your desired colour in stock, simply call, and we'll quickly deliver it to you. Staining a new deck section helps it match colours with more seasoned sections.

What we Recommend

To cost-effectively enhance the rich, natural beauty of wood decking, try using popular Protek wood stain for decking. Available in a range of colours, it can be applied by brush or a pump garden sprayer. For staining exterior timbers such as lengths of fencing, fence panels or garden sheds, other superiour products include Bird Brand Creosote (in dark brown or jet black) or Creocote in light brown.

They are oil-based, so they repel surface water; you’ll have a bit of creosote odour. Both products bring out the grain definition of your wood, enhancing its beauty.

Clear-coat Tough Coat wood protector protects wood stain for decking. Used on pressure treated timber that’s been end-cut or surface-damaged, it guards against potential decay. When applying wood stain for decking, take your time. Protect lower wood from extra staining by laying cardboard pieces (carved to fit around rail posts) on dried wood.

Many stains can as well be applied to other timber products, such as ballustrades, lattices, post caps and finials. AVS offer free ideas, advice, and all of the wood staining products and tools you need, to get the perfect decking look you like.

9th Apr 2019