Timber Cladding: Quality Will Serve You Best

For timber cladding, here's a valuable suggestion when building a fence for privacy: buy quality. This is the boarding used to close spaces in closeboard fencing. Post and rail or picket fencing and palisade fencing have spaces between vertical boards, allowing more viewing out and in. Closeboard fencing has overlapping boards that limit views of your surroundings, but affords total privacy. It can also provide a lovely background and seclusion to gardens and backyards.

Featheredge boards

Choose featheredge timber cladding boards, as they are the prime choice of DIY and professional builders. This is because they are diagonally cut along the width, offering overlapping construction for fence siding. The effect is not only for aesthetic or privacy reasons, but it creates a more weatherproof fence. The overlapping boards do not allow water ice and dirt to gather in between boards, and this extends the life of your fence.

Buy the Best

Use only the highest quality materials, and you’ll surely save money over time, for obvious reasons. Cheap fence materials will succumb to wood rot and exposure to the elements in short order; result - you’ll be repairing or replacing much timber. The most weather-resistant timber cladding is pressure treated, as this chemically reinforces the wood to fight off rot, mould and the effects of drying sunlight and wood fibre-killing moisture over time.

Timber Cladding

Utilise timber cladding as an outer covering for a garden shed or other structure, and it will outlast many other kinds of construction. Using good overlapping timber, horizontally laid, defies the decay that occurs with cheap timber. Again, this only applies if you use only rot-resistant treated timber of the best quality. When buying cladding boards, be aware that the sizing you see - such as “ex 125x22mm” – refers to the pre-cut size of the board. After cutting, you effectively get two boards from each one you buy.

Dip-treated Wood

You can also use quality dip-treated cladding panels. But, again, this is true only when buying from a supplier that offers good lumber. Dip treated wood isn’t as resistant as pressure treated timber, but still fights off rot. Get timber sourced from UK forests that grow strong, sustainable northern timber, and you also support the environment. Northern timber more naturally resists wear. Buy from AVS Building Supplies – a respected, long-time area supplier to gardeners, builders and those making decking – and you are ensured of getting the highest quality lumber, increasingly from such sources. Their closeboard panels come with 10-year guarantees! You’ll love how they make fence installation on sloping ground a snap.

Other Options

Make fence building even easier with pre-made fence panels. The durable timber cladding is already attached to each fully constructed panel. You can use wooden or concrete fence posts to hold up these panels. Concrete fence posts have quick-install slots into which you simply slide the panels. Attach panels easily to timber posts using metclips or nails. In either case, place quick-install gravel board under fencing, to prevent moisture wicking into wood, and the resultant rot.

9th Apr 2019