The Joys of Modern Garden Fencing

Modern fencing combines functionality and great aesthetics. With the wide range of contemporary designs now available, your garden fencing is no longer just a means of privacy and security, it’s the frame to your outdoor living space. Whilst this can equate to a bold style statement, it’s not just about the visual appearance. With so many colours, materials, shapes, and styles available, it can be hard to know where to start, or what modern fencing style suits your home, garden and needs. It’s important to think about the purpose and setting of your garden fence – the key question is, what does it need to do for you?

Modern fencing panels for privacy

We recommendClose board fencing

In an urban setting, fencing is often a way to maintain privacy. You love all that your bustling city location has to offer, but your garden is a place to relax and unwind in, an extension of your home.

If this sounds familiar, modern fencing such as close board (also referred to as featheredge fencing) will help to make your outdoor space a sanctuary for you and your family. This versatile fencing option is both cost-effective and long-lasting, and with a normal height of around 6 feet, ensures that your serene space, stays serene!

Close board fencing is relatively easy to construct, combining posts, rails, gravel boards and panels, offering a classic look that works well for both a modern garden design but also a more traditional finish.

If you think close board fencing may provide the right design and function for you, take a look at our complete guide to close board fencing for more detail on the whys, whats, and hows.

Fencing ideas that allow you to keep your view

We recommend: Picket fence panels

Perhaps your property is in a rural or coastal location, with scenery that’s simply too beautiful to miss out on? If so, picket fence panels could be an attractive and economical option, and the best part is, you get to keep that wonderful view. For front gardens, you’ll likely be looking for something with instant ‘kerb appeal’, as we all know how important first impressions are. Combining quality, durability and style, picket fences are an elegant design choice and often come with matching gates. This fencing idea is also easy and quick to erect, making it a favourite for the DIY enthusiast.

Sectioning solutions 

Traditionally, fences have been used to define the boundary of a property, but they can also be utilised in a myriad of ways within the garden itself. Dividing your garden into different sections can really help you to make the most of the outside space you have available. Perhaps you favour the clean lines of contemporary garden design, but have a hankering to start growing your own fruit and vegetables? In that case, modern fencing panels can be used to screen off a particular area, so you can have your vegetable patch without sacrificing style.

These days, modern fencing panels come in a variety of heights, textures and designs – so there really is something to suit every taste. Lattices and trellis are simple solutions for creating division and screening while allowing plenty of light and air in to the environment. Plus, lattices come fully framed meaning they are ready and extremely easy to erect over a busy weekend, or even for the most novice DIY enthusiast!

Panels with a domed top will suit those who prefer a softer line. Alternatively, panels utilising diagonal design will add interest to any garden. If using a fence to screen off wheelie-bins or a compost heap, consider a stylish lattice panel: normally available from just 1.2m high, it’ll do the job while retaining an open aspect – and looking great.

Is modern design all about the colour?

If you’re really aiming to make a statement with a contemporary fencing design, why not consider a vibrant splash of colour? Many people already have a feature wall in their homes – one wall in an otherwise neutrally-decorated room that they've painted an accent colour or papered in an attractive print. Landscapers are increasingly taking this concept outside, expanding upon the traditional colour palette with eye-catching results. Modern fencing in a natural wood shade can be given a makeover with a coat of stain or even a lick of paint – completely transforming your entire garden in the process.

With all these modern fencing ideas to consider, browse through AVS Fencing’s range of fence panels for further inspiration and ideas. We can also advise on everything you’ll need to construct a fence that’s perfect for you. Decided on your fencing design and ready to get going? If you’re planning to construct your fence yourself, ensure you have the correct tools to do the job, Opting to leave it in the hand of a professional? Make sure you choose the right fencing contractor with help from our simple guide.

29th Nov 2017