The 10 Most Influential Garden Bloggers in the UK

Here at AVS, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of who the biggest influencers are in garden blogging. We thought it would be a great idea to get our readers to vote on which garden blog they think is the best! We have gathered up a list of 10 very influential bloggers in the UK for you to choose from, with a short synopsis on each blog and blogger. Check it out, and vote for your favourite at the bottom of the page!

The Patient Gardener

The Patient Gardener is predominantly a gardening blog that covers all of the issues, wonderings and successes of Helen Johnstone (The Patient Gardener) and her garden. Helen will regularly update her readers on the latest work she (or one of her family members) has carried out on the garden. She also posts about recent and upcoming events (not always exclusively in the gardening world) as well as lifestyle advice for those that follow her blog. She tries to keep on top of her blogging alongside her work in Full-Time Higher Education. What we love about this blog is the way Helen writes with honesty about the particular problems she has had in the landscaping and general gardening of her land. The blog is informative and gives a real sense of inspiration to her readers with their own gardening, or garden tours! One article post relating to her trip around Suffolk and North Essex visiting local gardens highlighted this for us. We really enjoyed reading about the garden offerings from that particular visit!

Alternative Eden

Alternative Eden bases itself more around Mark and Gaz’s (Alternative Eden’s authors) exotic plant collection and the issues they have had to encounter, as well as documenting visits to various garden shows and general wanderings. A few photos of their ‘Jungle’ is truly something to admire! We really are in awe at the pictures of their garden and for this, their content can only encourage others to turn their own garden into an homage to the amazon rainforest! The interaction that Mark and Gaz have with their audience is also brilliant and really helps the reader engage with the blog. Check out their recent post on their very own rainforest to really get a feel for their garden.

Jane Perrone

Jane Perrone is the Gardening Editor at the Guardian, as well as the co-presenter of the podcast ‘Sow, Grow, Repeat’. She is also the author of the Allotment Keeper’s Handbook. Jane also guests posts for a number of other gardening publications. So it is safe to say that Jane really knows what she is talking about when it comes to the garden and indoor houseplants (In which she has an addiction to). She will generally post with tips and advice, as well as reporting on particular problems she has had with her garden and how she has dealt with such issues. Jane’s blog is easy to navigate around and very pleasing on the eye. She has built up a good following of readers through her useful suggestions and advice. For example, one of her recent articles listed a number of ways you can find another life for citrus skins. Jane will also write about her favourite indoor plants and list a few which may work for you. Jane also covers all of the major flower shows in the UK (Chelsea and Hampton Court etc.) and reviews everything you need to know from those shows!

The Stopwatch Gardener

The Stopwatch Gardener (Sheila Averbuch) is a professional copywriter as well as a passionate gardener, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sheila combines the writing of her blog with her professional commitments as an author of children’s books amongst other projects. But her greatest passion is most definitely, the garden, or more specifically, her garden. The detail of which Sheila goes into with her articles is definitely something to be impressed by. She talks of each rose from her recent visit to England with great depth and shows how much value her blogs are to any aspiring gardener. In the article, she offers the readers great advice on how to perform certain maintenance tasks on roses, via short YouTube videos.

Garden Visit

This blog provided by Garden Visit covers a number of different subjects, but what is featured most frequently are of course the various British Public Gardens. The quality of the gardens that are available to visit in this country are astounding and we all should try and make it at least a few of the gardens listed in this blog. The site also updates you with all the latest landscaping news, as well as reviewing all the latest must-reads in the landscape design world. We love the coverage that the Garden Visit Blog offers, and the review of Steven Desmond’s book of the Italian Lakes is incredibly interesting and informative. The photographs on show on the blog are fantastic and will have you looking at your diary, planning your next trip out. The gardens highlighted are both at home and abroad, and a real treat for the eyes.

The Galloping Gardener

The Galloping Gardener is based around a blogger (Charlotte) that also shares the gardens that the blogger has visited through photography to inspire their readers. The posts are mainly centred around other people and their gardens and the public gardens that they have visited around the United Kingdom. The author of Galloping Gardener travels the world regularly, due to the nature of her job, so naturally gets a little more opportunity to see some of the gardens we may not have the fortune of seeing. We really like the advice to those garden enthusiasts who look to follow in the Galloping Gardener’s footsteps. She really does know her stuff when it comes to famous British and International gardens. If you are looking for ideas on which garden to visit next, then the Galloping Gardener will be more than willing to give you a whole host of suggestions!

Fennel and Fern

Fennel and Fern covers a wide range of gardening topics but its main focus is around the various flowers that can be grown in the garden. The blog offers tips and advice on individual flowers with its own section on wild flowers. F & F also has an area of the site for tutorials for general maintenance tasks on the garden, as well as recipes to use for the veg you have grown. This blog is fantastic for those that need plant based gardening advice, as F & F offers a plethora of growing and maintenance information that can be found in differing sections of the site depending on the problem at hand. The pictures available on the site are stunning, which matches the quality of advice given.

The Blackberry Garden

The Blackberry Garden is another extremely informative blog that offers a lot of great advice for the everyday gardener. The Blackberry Gardener (Alison) updates her followers on the latest issues that she has encountered in her garden, as well as leaning on other gardening pros to help her readers gain the best knowledge they can when dealing with dilemmas in their garden. The site is very dense in quality content which is all fascinating to read. We particularly love the section “Irritating Plant of the Month” or abbreviated so delightfully into the acronym IPotM! With the extent of information Alison provides, it has to be seen as ‘go to’ blog when it comes to all things garden.

The Unconventional Gardener

The Unconventional Gardener is a blog that really will resonate with a lot of gardeners across the country. Emma (The Unconventional Gardener) has a real passion for her garden, and draws on her academic background, as well as the experiences she has had in both public and personal projects. Emma has written a number of publications in the gardening world, with a number of them specialising in allotment gardening and growing vegetables. The Unconventional Gardener has mastered the way in which she tells her story, and certainly paints a very vivid picture for the reader, as well as offering incredibly useful advice. If you are looking for expert advice for edible plants and allotment growing, then the Unconventional Gardener is certainly the first stop to call upon for tips!

The Middle Sized Garden

The Middle-Sized Garden is a great blog for helping the reader gain inspiration and ideas for their own garden. The site features a load of different articles that look at everything from your garden furniture, to plant ideas and fencing in your garden. There is vast range of content available and whatever issue you have, the Middle-Sized will be able to help. Additionally, if you wanted advice on how to write your very own blog, then Alexandra offers her services to guide you with your own endeavours. Alexandra (The brain behind the Middle-Sized Garden) is an author, journalist and, of course, a blogger. This is certainly evident with how visually pleasing the site is. The articles that are available are fascinating and unquestionably inspiring for her readers. For instance, even if you have a small or narrow garden, Alexandra can give you an idea or 9 to help turn your garden into the paradise you crave.

9th Apr 2019