Summer Gardening Ideas for Kids

With the sun shining and the flowers in full bloom, summer is the perfect time to get your family away from in front of the TV and out into the garden. The British weather might not always be predictable but on the occasions where the sun is out, there is nothing better than enjoying your garden with your loved ones.

But the gardening doesn't just have to be left to the parents. There are a number of easy ways your kids can get involved with making your treasured space special too.

Grow your Own

Make gardening fun for children by letting them grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. You will see their little faces light up when you cut down their produce and take it in to the kitchen to cook. Growing their own crops will give them some responsibility while they learn more about the science of nature in the process. Another idea is to get your kids to grow plants like sunflowers. If you want to introduce a bit of healthy competition, take measurements of yours or your other children’s sunflowers and see whose is doing the best! Making gardening a game will keep young ones interested - plus it’s fun for all the family.

Feed the Birds

Such a simple idea but so effective. You won’t be able to keep your kids out of your garden with this one! If you want to keep hold of a few pennies, you can buy inexpensive bird feeders to fill up with seeds. A more fun and cheaper alternative however is to make your own. Get creative and see what you have lying around the house to be reused. Old egg boxes, milk cartons and carved out pumpkins can all be re-modelled into funky bird feeders and hung from trees and furniture in your garden.

To get some more useful tips on what to feed the birds in your garden, visit the RSPB website

Respect Each other’s Space

As a family made up of individuals, you might want to have your own space at times. While the little ones enjoy growing their vegetables and playing with the toys that have mysteriously found their way into the garden, the adults of the house deserve their own area too. Maybe you have some flowers or herbs you would like to grow on your own. Or maybe you just want a space of the garden to relax and decorate with furniture and accessories. If so, keep this area private and sacred to you.

We hope you are able to make the most of your garden this summer. If you need some more inspiration, a great event to be enjoyed by all the family is the RHS Wisley Flower Show in September. Enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning 2 adult tickets to the show, as well as free entry for 1 whole year!

30th Jan 2018