Sloping Garden Ideas

So, your garden has a slope? No problem - simply use these handy sloping garden ideas for adapting your decking to the property, and you’ll make your yard, garden and the decking itself look more attractive and last longer. There are a number of choices of deck styles and uses of materials that can aid you in realising your sloping garden ideas on an angled property surface. It might surprise you that fencing is still an option, although it is certainly more challenging to get your panels looking right.

Get Creative

Sloping garden sites can seem like wasted property, too steep to be usable. But, a little ingenuity can easily make it possible to transform such areas. For instance, you might have a steep yard that was once terraced. If it still has old retaining walls or sunken steps, you can incorporate such features into your new arrangement, utilising some interesting sloping garden ideas.


First, you must ensure that the deck is secure and stable. This involves digging foundation holes for the deck posts. They support all the weight of each decking section and everything on it. Therefore, posts must be totally secured in top-quality cement or other material that holds them in place.

Timber posts in 100 x 100 mm sections are usually sufficient; larger sections work for taller decks. Building must allow for drainage, and proper use of treated wooden posts (especially their porous ends) is key, to inhibit rotting of the support wood.

Use strong woods from northern latitudes, treated with end grain sealants, to make support posts impermeable against decay. You’ll definitely need decking handrails to prevent people from toppling off of raised deck platforms. Remember, decks over 60 cm high require a handrail.

Separate Deck Platforms

Arranging separate deck platforms, connected by stairs, is an often used way to create a garden that fits with the land’s angles. This is best done if there are flat sections of property onto which you can build several different deck segments. Or, you can create a walkway that turns or circles around several garden planters. This is favoured by many gardeners, as it provides ample access to planters, making your gardening work a bit easier.

Unframed Deck Board Edging

Another technique in the arsenal of great sloping garden ideas is using unframed deck board edging, with planters alongside the deck but slightly below the edging. This gives a “floating” look to the deck, as if it’s embraced by the garden. Use taller, light-coloured plants that climb trellises and lattices, to visually open a space upwards.

Don’t consider your uneven property a problem, but a super opportunity to use and show off your sloping garden ideas and creativity. Make it a “stairway to heaven” in your own backyard, for decades of enjoyment.

9th Apr 2019