Railway Sleeper Furniture: Cheap & Practical

Railway sleeper furniture is a popular garden feature to have these days. It is splendid to look at, and it makes a bold and handsome statement. Also, this furniture is fairly easy to create by yourself. You’ll get projects that look like they have been completed by construction, landscaping and gardening professionals…and, for not much cost.

What are Railway Sleepers?

Railway sleepers, as you likely know, are the underlying support beams for rails that make up railway tracks. Cement sleepers are being used more for railways, especially in Europe and Asia. This makes wooden ones are harder to come by. The result is that if you make home made railway sleeper furniture, it will increase daily in value.

Why make Railway Sleeper furniture?

These pieces were made out of large, dense and heavy timber that lasts for decades. Create your own railway sleeper furniture, and you’ll have excellent investments. Such pieces make family heirlooms you’ll never have to replace. You've no doubt been impressed by such furniture, and your guests or clients will be equally affected. Remember, each sleeper is different, so your furniture will look totally unique.

Gardens and decking areas are super places for railway sleeper furniture. The natural wood blends easily into any outdoor setting, and will stand the test of time. Such furniture makes a bold statement indoors, too. Sleepers serve ideally as coffee tables, beds and cabinets, as well as counter tops and edging, doors, fireplaces and armoires. You can create a totally rustic look, or blend modern styling with sleepers.

Where to Put your Furniture

When planning outdoor landscaping, consider where you might place different types of railway sleeper furniture. Envisage where in the backyard, outdoor workplace lunch area or gardens you could situate picnic tables, benches, corner sitting nooks, A-frame tables, or stools.

Materials to Use

You will need to use new railways sleepers for any railway sleeper furniture. Reclaimed sleepers were treated with creosote for long life. Creosote can irritate skin, stain clothing, and must not be used in food contact areas. New sleepers come in either untreated sawn oak timber or treated softwood. The oak sleepers are a little lighter to handle, making furniture construction easier.


It’s recommended to use strong landscape screws to attach segments together. You will find it easier to pre-drill for lengths of wood over 1400mm, like benches. For a lighter job, you can use round-edged mini sleepers, which are not as heavy as full size ones. Whatever your railway sleeper furniture project is, you’ll end up with a look that’s sure to complement your home and gardens.

9th Apr 2019