Metpost Smart Fencing’s a Snap

Simply put, Metpost makes it easy to erect and repair fencing and gates, and they have an amazing range of decorative steel gate and fence products. Here’s where the ‘snap’ comes in: Many of the company’s products are complete systems, easy to put together in moments. Their quick-assemble devices will save you work, time and precious money.

What does Metpost offer?

Metpost offers many durable products to help you avoid digging holes for fence posts and concreting them in. Their Adjustable System 2 only requires a sledge hammer and a Metpost driving tool to insert the metal spike into suitable, non-stony earth. Just push the wooden fence post into the unit’s top, secure it with fixing screws, and you’re done. A snap.

Metpost Installation

Securing Fence Posts

The system’s twin bolt grip adjusting system adapts to several timber fence post sizes. They’ll help you replace fence posts or secure posts holding up decking, fence gates, pergolas and fencing panels. Metpost Bolt Downs work superbly for securing fencing panels or posts into concrete, brickwork or masonry.

Rely on Metpost fence clips – galvanised to fight corrosion – for quick attachment of timber fence panels and trellis segments to wooden fence posts. Painless to use, they’re a handy alternative to nails. They do not work with concrete slotted fence posts, which require no add-on fixings.


For ironmongery, Metpost makes a line of handsome fence railing panels and gates, with all needed fittings included. From the Ludlow and Wenlock Small Gates - ideal for garden entryways - to the impressive Montford Double Gate, you have many choices. At up to 1835mm height, you get a lot of security for your perimeter fencing. Some panels come with speared tops, while others have stylish scrolled metalwork.

You can easily add shorter railing panels to the top of a wall. Galvanised and powder-coated for superior corrosion resistance, the company’s fence panels will last a long time. Minor surface mars can be easily retouched with black gloss paint.

Look to Metpost, a leading UK manufacturer of quality, easy-build fencing supplies, for your many fencing products. You’ll find a wide range of their goods at AVS, the top supplier of fencing, decking and landscaping supplies across England.

9th Apr 2019