Metal Fence Posts – Anchors of Security

Be sure to use top quality metal fence posts to secure gates and fencing - for strength, for long life and for ease of mind. With superior posts, installed correctly, you’ll know they’ll hold up any fencing, and last. This applies if you are installing, repairing or reinforcing fencing whether steel security fencing, decorative metal panels, wire mesh or even wooden fencing supported by metal posts.

Are your metal fence posts leaning or otherwise not holding up your fencing or gates? Maybe you installed them or bought a property with existing fencing and gates, and have a problem. Either way, it’s key to buy and install these critical fencing and gate support structures correctly and not cut corners in materials and installation.

Extra Protection

It’s best to use metal fence posts that are well-constructed and treated to resist rust and wear from the elements. Many posts are painted ahead of time to protect them during storage and shipping (a “travel coat”). You can add another paint coat for extra protection. Top-quality Metpost posts are galvanised and powder coated for additional corrosion resistance (more on these, below).


Plant posts no less than around 3m apart, and use Postfix or a ballast-cement mix for a strong base. Roughly a 6:1 ratio of ballast to cement works best. Most experts recommend not burying blocks of concrete as bases for metal fence posts. The uneven settling of the disturbed earth can throw off the blocks’ stability and alignment.

Instead, pour the ballast/cement or other fixative mix into a pre-dug, cleaned out hole for each post. Water-soaked cement mixtures weigh about the same as saturated soil, hence the unlikelihood of ‘tipping’ cement bodies. Metal fence posts should be around 600mm deep, with concrete and base plates secured in place. You’ll want at least 3 inches of earth left above your cement mixture for plant roots.

Let us Help

AVS Fencing Supplies, the UK’s premier fencing, decking and landscaping firm, has a stunning collection of metal fence posts and fencing panels. Metpost fence posts and fencing, AVS’s featured metal line, is strong, well-designed, and comes in several attractive styles. Posts for their Montford Small, Tall and Double Gates - like their Ludlow and Ironbridge Fence Panels - are designed for easy installation and long life. Metpost fence panels are offered in elegant designs – some gates have sleek scroll top detailing - that complement any yard or home. Quality fencing around a pool keeps children safe, and around your property protects everything you treasure, especially your family!

Consult AVS for all of your fencing needs. We sell the best gates; posts; fence panels; fittings, fixings and fasteners; mixes, ballasts and cements; tools, coatings and paints. We also sell bolt down Metpost Adjustable System 2 elements, and Metpost spike driving tools. Fence posts, stand strong!

9th Apr 2019