Ironmongery Direct from AVS

Buy ironmongery direct from a trusted supplier and you will end up with a product you can enjoy for years. When choosing ironmongery for your garden, there’s one thing you should never compromise on: quality.

Whether you need an imposing perimeter fence or simply a few fixings for a traditional wooden field gate, you want ironware that will last. In Britain, this inevitably means selecting products designed to withstand our unpredictable weather. In an average year your garden is going to see everything from rain to snow to scorching ultra violet rays – and not necessarily in that order!

Choose items made from powder coated or galvanised metal to protect against the elements, whatever they may turn out to be, and you can be confident that your ironmongery is made to last.

What should you choose?

If you have a wooden garden gate or even a gated driveway, you’re going to want metal hinges that are long-lasting and easy to install. Tee hinges are a cost-effective choice for small, lighter garden gates, while for heavier or larger gates you’ll be looking for a hook and band or heavy reversible hinge, for improved strength.

AVS stock a range of gate hinges in both galvanised/coated metal as well as a black finish – with the same options available for gate hooks – to help you achieve your desired effect. Even better, they’re available pre-packed with all the fittings you’ll require to install them – we’ve picked out all the nuts, bolts and screws you’ll need, to make your job an easier one.

Choosing quality ironmongery direct from an expert supplier begins with selecting durability, but we know that when it comes to your home, looks also matter. Whether your landscaping style is traditional or contemporary, metal fencing and railing panels have to potential to really make an impression. If you’re looking to create kerb appeal without sacrificing performance, Metpost is a brand you can trust.

AVS are proud to offer a variety of their railing panels and gates, chosen by us for their smart finish as well as their longevity. Designed to be corrosion resistant, they’re also an excellent choice if you’re looking to keep maintenance to a minimum. For example, the black coating on the Wenlock and Montford ranges can be touched up with a matching gloss paint – it couldn’t be simpler.

Get educated

A little knowledge of outdoor ironmongery can also save you valuable time and effort, or help you to improve the overall performance of your garden’s timber. For example, galvanised joist hangers and handrail fixing brackets will add strength to your decking, while fence clips are used to attach timber panels, lattice or trellis to wooden fence posts.

For mesh fencing projects, galvanised ring fastener clips are designed for use with a time-saving netting fastening gun – helping you get the job done quicker. Metal arris rail brackets, on the other hand, can be used for repairs to deteriorated wooden arris rails, saving you the expense of having to install a whole new fence.

9th Apr 2019