How to Use Decking in a Small Garden

There are plenty of ideas available for using decking in small gardens. So, don’t worry about how to start or find resources to start your spring and summer planting. Start now, to get the most enjoyment out of your decking and garden during the lovely months ahead.

Finding unique ideas for creating beautiful backyard gardens is easy. Just talk to the experts that help people do it every day. They’ll suggest the proper materials and types of decks to suit all of your small garden ideas. More on the professionals, later, but here are a few thoughts to get you going.

Why use Decking?

The use of decking to bring your small garden ideas to fruition is a ‘natural.’ Small gardens just look more natural when using decking materials. Wooden decking, particularly, complements plantings and the overall look of most gardens. Using lots of stone, brick and metal gives a man-made tone to a natural setting. Do you really want that?

Wooden decking inherently provides an organic blend with plants. As the woods age, decking melds even more with its surroundings; aged wood appeals to most of us, visually and aesthetically. As you explore small garden ideas, you’ll appreciate the versatility it offers you, be it in more updated versions or traditional ones.

Shape and Design

Decking comes in many different varieties, so why not demonstrate your small garden ideas with flair? Use multi-level decking or parquet floating decks to arrange things to your gardening heart’s content. The many styles of grooved and reeded Arbordeck decking boards make them a favourite of small garden deck builders. Use patterns to flow around within single decking platforms, or make each level or area different.

Wooden decking arrangements can visually lengthen a short area, or widen a narrow property. Use your small garden ideas to fashion edging gardens around a BBQ area. Or, surround a sitting area with decking levels to show off plantings in layers, like Chinese rice paddies.

Use Materials to Design

Using the lines of the wooden decking boards, as well as decorative balustrades and walkways can help with this, also. Here’s where consulting with experts at AVS Fencing can help you save money, time, and the hassle of using overpriced ‘experts’.

Decking elements such as well-arranged sleepers, edging boards and gates can protect your small garden from damage by children or pets. Use wire netting around and under gardens to keep out rabbits, which can quickly devastate plantings and dash your ingenious small garden ideas.

Consult with Professionals

AVS pros consult daily with many small gardeners, so they’ll quickly help you realise your small garden ideas with great success. AVS only sell superior decking materials that last longer. They provide top-notch joist hangers, brackets, rust-resistant screws, treatment liquids and ground covers to help maintain and preserve your deck.

Also, the AVS website offers a wealth of information on how you can adapt decking to your particular yard and house, creating intimate and airy small gardens. Take tours of nearby gardens to get plenty of small garden ideas. Steal, copy and adapt ideas to suit your space. It might only be small garden, but it will provide big thrills to you.

5th Feb 2020