How to Repair Fence Posts

A little knowledge about fence post repair options can go a long way – potentially saving the savvy gardener the time, effort and expense of taking down an entire fence and putting up a new one.

How do fence posts get damaged?
A common problem with domestic wooden fences is that the timber fence posts begin to rot at ground level. This occurs when rain and other moisture from the soil gets into the post, causing it to soften and rot. 

Installing pressure-treated timber posts offers some degree of protection against this happening but let's face it, many of us inherit a fence when we buy our homes so we have to make the best of what we have. But even if deterioration has started, this doesn’t have to mean replacing the whole fence – even if more than one post is affected.

Fitting concrete repair spurs
A simple repair can be carried out using a concrete repair spur. Repair spurs work by reinforcing the post, boosting the strength of the compromised timber. Since repair spurs are made from concrete or steel, you can be confident that they’ll be resistant to moisture in the soil.

The concrete versions from AVS are available in two sizes: 
• 1m high spur is 75mm x 75mm in dimension
• 1.2m high spur is 100mm x 100mm.

Concrete repair spurs are installed in two stages. First, you’ll need to concrete the spur into the ground next to the post you’re repairing. You can do this using either a mixture of ballast and cement, or alternatively using Post Mix.

Once the repair spur is in place, you’ll need to attach it to the existing post using bolts and coach screws. AVS can advise you on the fixtures you’ll need to purchase to see your fence post repair job through.

Fitting Metpost Spurs
To use, first square off the top of the broken post and position the Metpost spur at a corner between the timber and the concrete. Tap the wedge grip in using a driving tool and insert the new post in the top.

This repair spur is ideal for providing a solid base for your new or existing fence post.

Repair spurs with tools
It’s useful to know that fence post repair spurs can be used in conjunction with other repair methods to extend the life of your timber fence. For example, there are also various tools available for repairing an arris rail on a closeboard fence: a galvanised steel repair bracket is suitable for plain ended arris rails, while a mortice adaptor is suitable for use with a ready ended rail.

However, if your fence has suffered a significant amount of deterioration it’s always a good idea to speak to a professional about the best approach for you to take in the long run.

9th Apr 2019