How to Build Decking

Looking to build some beautiful decking in your outdoor space? Here's all you need to know...Garden Decking

Decking preparation
The key to starting your garden decking is preparing the ground it will sit on; this means levelling the ground itself. If building a ground-level deck, the entire structure rests upon the base, so concrete slabs must be positioned below where the deck is sitting. Next, timber bearers need to be positioned to support the entire structure, bearing in mind it also needs to support the people and objects resting on it.

Next, a frame is constructed, using joists that interlock the boards and strengthen the entire deck. Care must be taken to align the frame, to avoid warping or uneven decking which looks bad and is also a hazard! Next stage is fixing deck boards and many options exist for surface styles and looks so check on the AVS website to see which appeal most. All decking boards are all durable, requires little maintenance, resists twisting, warping and splitting and has minimal water absorption too. And they look great too. 

Next steps
Use special no-predrill decking screws to avoid reacting with the treatments given to decking boards, thus avoiding rusting. Such treatments make decking boards last and resist insects. Single level decking is the easiest to construct. Creating a multi-level deck is a good decking idea if you want a larger deck, building wrap-around or stair-cased version. Building a deck on sloping ground, or a raised deck, involves installing structural support legs – posts that are embedded in cement or other aggregate material. Note that raised decks over 60cm high require a hand rail; AVS offer many selections to suit any taste.

Care must be taken to allow for drainage and to end-treat support posts so they don’t become saturated with water and decay. Use Geotextile membrane under decking to limit weeds growing through the wood. There are different types of deck treatments available, so choose the colour and surface look that will work best in your garden.  

29th Nov 2017