Get your Garden Ready for Winter

Smart gardeners know there are important jobs to be done outside in the colder months so wrap up warm, get into the open air and ensure your garden is winter-ready 

Robbin Bird sitting on top of fence post

Add some colour
Evergreen plants will keep your garden looking bright and fresh all year round so consider grasses or shrubs for your outdoor space. Winter bedding plants such as pansies or violas will add some much-needed colour, just ensure they're grown in a sheltered spot and, if in pots, are moved inside into your conservatory, greenhouse or porch during frosts.

Keep it clear
Clear away dead leaves from paths, patios and decking regularly as they can build up and become slippery. Leave them to sit on flower beds, though, as they'll break down into mulch and also offer a home to insects and smaller wildlife such as hedgehogs in the colder months.

Green fingers 
Cut back borders and shrubs, and dead-head autumn-flowering plants before the winter frosts arrive. Apple and pear trees should be pruned back in January, so remove any damaged branches but otherwise plants should be left alone and dormant in cold weather. 

Look after the lawn
You may need to mow your lawn in the winter when the weather gets mild, you should also feed it and tackle any weeds and moss too. Look out for puddles appearing on your grass when it rains as you'll need to aerate these areas with a garden fork or special tool come spring. Don't walk on your lawn when it's snowy or frosty as this could damage the grass.

Check your fencing
Winter months are a good time to fix fencing as they're likely to be more exposed so you can spot any damage easily. Look out for any rotting parts of timber, particularly checking the base of your fences; any moisture affecting the wood can be fixed by adding or replacing new, protective  gravel boards.

Have a tidy up
Clear out your shed, greenhouse or potting shed, getting rid of any out-of-date garden treatments or empty cans. Check out our range of  sheds and storage if you need to store garden equipment away over winter or want to tidy your garden up by hiding your bins.  

Light it up
You'll get much more from your garden in the winter with some clever  outdoor lighting; it not only makes a darker garden look cheerier but can light up seating areas, decking or favourite trees, bushes or other plants in your garden. With your outdoor space lit up, you can wrap up warm and enjoy a glass of wine in the open air once it's dusk, even in winter.

Look after wildlife
Don't forget to leave out water for wild animals, changing it regularly, especially when it freezes over. Hedgehogs like to live below piles of logs or leaves and are happy eating meat-based tinned dog food you leave out too. Also put out nuts and seeds for hungry birds.

Plan for spring
Winter's the time to start thinking about garden colour in the New Year and beyond so start planning what you'll grow in the spring by flicking through seed catalogues and being inspired online. You can do this inside, in the warm, of course! 

Help & Advice
If you need more information about fencing and landscaping, please get in touch with your local branch. Our specialists will be happy to offer help and advice and can provide you with a free quote for supply of all relevant materials. Find more in-depth information here on choosing the right fence

30th Oct 2019