Garden Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to designing and landscaping your garden, there are some simple rules to follow and options to choose from, no matter its size or shape, to ensure it's everything you want. 

Before you choose your design, think what you use your garden for, which furniture and other structures you have that you want to keep and your favourite garden style - look at other gardens and online to find a design that suits you best. You also need to consider how much time and effort you want to put into creating and maintaining your outdoor space. 

Garden Landscaping Style

Garden landscape styles can be anything from formal and functional to wild and natural. Once you start incorporating plants, choosing materials and furniture, your garden will really start to take on a character of its own.

So what style should you choose? Keep reading for a little inspiration…

Modern & Contemporary

If you prefer order, clean lines and functional features in your garden, then a contemporary style landscape may be the one for you. A modern style is also ideal for a small area such as an urban or city garden as clever design can make the most of the space available.

Minimal design and repeated patterns can be achieved with features such as neat flower borders, garden screening and stepped decking, to name but a few.

A stylish table and chairs set on your decking will transform your garden into a tranquil place to sit and relax or entertain guests in the summer. For more top tips on clever designs for smaller city gardens, see our recent blog post.

Natural materials such as slate and light coloured wood work well in contemporary gardens. If your fence is looking a little tired, just spruce it up with a little wood stain to make it look new and modern. Garden aggregates such as plum slate and pea shingle look stylish when contained within garden edging borders.

For a formal garden landscape, including symmetry in your design is essential. Working around a focal point such as a water feature or arch also adds structure to a formally designed garden.

Wild & Natural

A natural landscape design can be applied to cottage, Mediterranean and wildlife friendly gardens.

Mediterranean garden landscapes can be created by scattering garden aggregates like gravel between plants such as lavender, rosemary and vines. Also, incorporating trellis panels into your design is a great way to show off your climbing plants and create a Mediterranean feel.

Similarly, painting or staining your fence, shed or garden furniture in an orange or terracotta colour adds a little bit of an exotic feel in a typically English looking garden.

To create a wildlife friendly environment, you will need to add structures such as bird boxes, composters and living walls to your garden.

Picking the right plants to grow in your garden is also important for attracting wildlife. Pollinating insects will be attracted to plants such as Field Maple and Sycamore in spring for example.

Another option for a wild and natural landscape design is to create a cottage garden. Plenty of flowers, a variety of colour and traditional looking picket fencing are all expected features in a cottage garden.

Include windy paths into your garden landscape and soften rectangular layouts with rows of trees and plants to achieve your desired look. For even more tips and ideas on creating an attractive cottage garden, see our recent blog post.

So what garden landscaping design do you have in mind? Whether you are an organised planner or a little more in touch with your wild side, we hope you find the perfect style for you.

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