Five Ways to Use Trellis in your Garden

Trellis and screening panels offer a simple, and great-value, way to get privacy, and grow flourishing plants, in your garden while still allowing light and air to flow in...

Garden Trellis / Steps

There are two basic types of trellis and screening you should consider: the simplest square-shaped pattern of trellis panels or the more decorative, diamond-shaped design of lattice panels. The effect of both is pretty, practical and suited for training climbing plants and vines. Or you may wish to opt for hurdle screening which gives a more rustic, natural look while still offering privacy and security. Whichever style is most suited to your taste, here's how to make the most of them in your garden...

1. Creating zones
Zoning in the garden creates distinct areas for different uses and styles and gives your garden real shape. Want to section off an area for outdoor dining or to create a secluded place for sunbathing and relaxation? Simply erect one or more screens from trellis and your garden will begin to take shape.

2. Grow a vertical garden
Climbing and trailing plants add interest at eye level, transforming even the smallest outside space into a plant-filled oasis. Trellises are ideal for encouraging climbing plants such as clematis and honeysuckle to grow. Simply attach a trellis panel to an existing wall or fence and let plants grow from pots or beds at their foot. Many garden-lovers like to add a section of trellis to the back of a wooden bench or a planter to create a place for climbing plants to flourish.

3. Screen off areas
Trellis is perfect for screening off unsightly areas in your outdoor space: ugly rubbish bins or garden compositing, for example. A simple wooden trellis will allow you to grow plants up it as an extra screening. Or leave the trellis as it is and light will continue to flow through the garden without being blocked.

4. Increase privacy
Is your garden overlooked by neighbouring houses? Attaching a trellis that is taller than your fence or attaching a traditional square trellis to the top of an existing fence will give you that extra privacy. Not only will it look fantastic but it won't block out any of that precious sunlight. A traditional fence with trellis on top is also a good option as it provides both traditional fencing and privacy-giving trellis too.

5. Use as a cover-up
Have you inherited some fencing that's not to your taste at your property? Rather than replacing the entire fence, which is wasteful if the wood is still in good condition, why not cover it by adding a trellis or screening panel? This is relatively simple to do and gives you so many more options when it comes to growing plants too.

Our expert says...
"Trellis is a blank canvas that you can dress up in a few ways to make more of a design feature. You can paint any colour for a more contrasting look or fix plant pots to it. Or simply put on tea lights to light once dusk falls."

12th Jun 2019