Farm Gates: Working Wonders

Farm gates are appreciated for all the functions they perform. Farmers often work alone, so many farm gates are designed for easy operation by one person. And, gates come in a variety of widths and number of rails, with various attachments, to accommodate distinct needs and uses, depending on how they are employed.

Who are Farm Gates for?

Owners of construction and landscaping companies, people storing equipment or vehicles, and home and property owners who like their security and privacy maintained, use farm gates. Nothing works as efficiently nor speaks with as much authority as a sturdy, well-installed farm gate. For larger entrances, exits or use for large masses of livestock, two gates can be combined to create a wide dual gate.

Are they cost effective?

All of the above people or groups will have fenced in property, supplies or structures. No matter the size of these fenced areas, each will require the use of farm gates, and probably several, for larger properties. Good gates are very cost effective over time, paying for themselves many times over, by keeping livestock in, intruders and their vehicles out, and they offer you real and perceived security on your premises.

Fortunately for farmers and others, if you know where to look, there are numerous farm gates available in a broad selection of sizes, styles and materials. AVS Fencing Supplies is where to go, but let’s start at the farm to decide which gate to get.

Which type should you choose

For the strength needed to hold in larger stock, look to 6 Rail Galvanised Galvanised field gates. They contain cattle, horses and other heavy animals. You can buy a matching galvanised tubular hanging post and a slamming post for each of these gates. The 7 Rail D Loop Field Gate, with its box sectioning and sturdy rails, make it a great pick amongst farm gates. A huge favourite, this gate can take years of constant use.

Its ‘sister’, the 7 Rail Spring Bolt Field Gate is another favourite, with its punched hole bracing for strength, tubular steel for easy movement, and spring bolts for quick entrances and exits. For smaller stock like sheep and goats, the Half Mesh 5 Rail Galvanised gate works very effectively. Galvanised mesh on the lower part keeps animals in and predators out, while its weight is a bit less with 5 rails. More rails on farm gates are used to retain heavier weight livestock.

Rural Style

Need attractive rural style farm gates more than containment gates? Consider AVS’s tough yet handsome wooden gates, constructed of tough Iroko Hardwood. The Planed Estate has a traditional English style. Equally strong, but with a different styling is the Planed Somerset. Softwood gates, treated for long life, include the Sawn Forester and Planed Somerset. Softwood is smoother, lends easily to painting and work well as commanding, sensible driveway gates.

AVS have all the wooden, galvanised steel and other posts needed, as well as hinge sets, tools to install farm gates, and the ever-helpful AVS staff to advise you in every way possible.

13th Feb 2018