Exotic Pet Refuge

When Storm Freya swept through the UK in February, little did we realise it would lead to a band of fencing and landscaping specialists, centred on our Peterborough branch, teaming up to make a real difference in their local community.

Founded in 1984, and now run by a group of volunteers, The Exotic Pet Refuge in Deeping St James is a charity that provides sanctuary in Peterborough for unwanted animals. From racoons, skunks and owls to monkeys, the animals come from all over. Some are unwanted pets, others are from zoos that have closed down and a few have been placed there by the RSPCA.

When the strong winds caused damage to fencing and enclosures at The Exotic Pet Refuge its volunteers turned to their local branch of AVS, and its branch manager Michael Hardy, for help. The charity is run purely on charitable donations so their initial plea was for any off-cuts or waste timber the branch had to get their repairs started.

However, after visiting the refuge, Michael quickly realised more was needed and that AVS's local Community Fund could help. He soon set about donating materials to not only fix the damage caused by the storm but also spruce up the entire site.

Michael even mentioned the project to a number of customers and before he knew it a list of volunteers had been established at the branch, with local fencers and landscapers donating their time to help give the refuge a much-needed makeover. Michael also sourced extra products from our suppliers which they readily donated.

The teams have worked hard to improve the space for both the animals and the volunteers. The generosity of everyone involved has been overwhelming. What started as a quick repair job has evolved into a project bringing together customers, suppliers and branch staff to really help a charity in need.

If you would like find out more about the refuge's great work or to donate to them visit:

The next refuge open day is Sunday 21st April 2019:

102 Station Road, Deeping St James, Peterborough, PE6 8RH

19th Apr 2019