Effective Pest Control - What you Need to Know About Badger Fencing

It is well-known that badgers are nocturnal creatures and the time they come out to wonder and forage for food can vary during the course of the year. Typically, badgers will emerge later in the summer and earlier in the winter as the nights are longer.

If you have had issues before with badgers claiming your garden as territory, your greatest concern is likely to be that they will cause significant damage to your lawn and plants as they forage for worms, grubs and plant bulbs in beds.

If you’re experiencing issues with badgers getting into your garden, you might want to find out what you can do to fix this problem. We’ll provide you with some handy tips to keep badgers away in the coming autumn and winter months.

So what can we do?

Badger fencing is an effective way of implementing pest control. A badger fence consisting of a wire mesh will prevent penetration by badgers. This wire mesh barrier system is manufactured from a high tensile wire and is usually fixed to a post and rail fence.

When thinking about erecting your badger fence, consider how permanent your fencing will be. Along a new road or housing development, the fence should generally be based upon post and rail fencing. For more temporary type of works, the badger fence should be based upon a strained post and wire design.

Guidelines to Follow

Whether permanent or temporary, there are particular guidelines to be followed when installing a badger fence.

  • Use stock wire, chain link or woven wire mesh to form the barrier part of the fence.
  • The badger fencing wire should be partially buried in the ground in order to stop badgers from burrowing underneath it. Have the mesh buried in a 300mm deep trench with a further 300mm running horizontally along the base of the trench.
  • You can also top the badger fence with strands of barbed wire.
  • The supporting structure needs to be set in the base of the trench in order to increase the height of the fence. A commonly used form of mesh for badger fencing is about 1600 high, allowing for 600mm underground and 1000 above ground. However this is just a guide and there are cases where the height of the mesh needs to be increased.
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