Design Ideas for Small Gardens

Small gardens can be difficult to work with if the amount of space that they offer feels limiting. But it's easy to achieve a stylish, contemporary look with these clever tips and tricks.

Creating Lines
If you want your garden to look organic with a modern feel, opt for wooden materials or even assemble your own furniture with sleepers. Oak sleepers give a natural, darker look while softwood sleepers are easier to cut down and use in a contemporary style garden.

Focal Points
One or two key focal points are essential in a small garden, transforming a dull garden into a quirky and creative space. Outdoor furniture such as a table, bench or chairs act as a focal point but you should also look at utilising wooden structures such as trellises and arches to help grown your favourite plants. Another clever tip to make your garden feel bigger? Hanging vintage mirrors on the walls.  

Another idea is to add a row of small trees or bamboo plants to one side of the garden in order to create a strong structural presence and focal point. Sleepers can double up as screening to help keep the row of plants neat and tidy and can be easily incorporated into your overall contemporary design.

If your garden doesn't get much light which makes growing grass difficult, consider using artificial grass, which now feels and looks more like the real thing but is very low-maintenance. Decking, even a smaller section, is stylish and can make your garden look modern and fresh while offering a place to sit and to put garden pots.

Take your pick from the various different shades and textures of decking materials on offer. Smooth decking boards for example can provide a uniformed look while grooved boards can add extra interest to the design of your garden.

9th Apr 2019