Make your Garden Wildlife Friendly

Attracting Wildlife to your Garden

If you'd like your garden to attract more wildlife, read through these simple tips that will help make your garden as friendly as possible to insects, birds and small mammals.

  • Ponds will attract a wide range of wildlife. Add plenty of plants and, if you have the space for a large pond, buy or build a nesting box for ducks.
  • A wood pile is a great hiding place for insects, hedgehogs and mice.
  • Trees and shrubs provide food and shelter. Big, mature trees attract birds the most, but plant the biggest tree you can in the space you have. Berries are a favourite with birds.
  • Keep your garden organic; don’t use chemicals like pesticides on plants. You want to encourage insects as these will attract birds and small mammals.
  • Provide food and water for birds all year round. Bird tables are easy to build, or buy one from the nearest garden centre. You can hang feeders from trees and fix nesting boxes to branches.
  • Don’t keep your garden too tidy. Leave areas undisturbed and left in the natural state. You don’t want to interfere with any habitats that could discourage animals from staying.
  • Plant plenty of brightly coloured flowers, these will attract bumble bees.
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