Cement & Ballast

Cement and Ballast are primarily used for the ingredients of making concrete; so many different uses that the possibilities for all kinds of exciting projects around your home and garden are endless.

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Cement and aggregates can be used when building garden fences or installing gates by concreting your posts into the ground. You would do this by simply mixing cement with ballast and this would also apply if you were to build a strong foundation for some garden decking perhaps.

Mastercrete cement is the market leading, enhanced Portland cement. It is suitable for concrete, mortars, renders and screeds. It is supplied in tough, water resistant bags for your added convenience. Depending on your project, the proportions of ballast to cement will change; a general fencing mix would be 6:1

All AVS bagged materials, including Ballast and Cement, come with the AVS promise of quality and durability. Take advantage of our crane bulk bags to purchase larger quantities of these products. These may be purchased as a mixed load, delivered with your favourite fencing and landscaping materials.


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