Kensington Log Cabin


All our log cabins are made to order. Please note the lead time is currently 23-25 weeks.

  • Kensington Log Cabin
  • Kensington Log Cabin
  • Kensington Log Cabin
  • Kensington Log Cabin
  • Kensington Log Cabin
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This is the phenomenal Kensington, an extra large and beautifully-constructed log cabin made from the highest quality wood. The Kensington features beautifully-crafted double doors, three single windows and a gorgeous double window - all draught-sealed for excellent heat conservation.

Delivery: Our log cabins and summerhouses are made to order. You will be contacted directly by our manufacturer to arrange delivery. Please note that lead time is currently 23-25 weeks.

Tools Required: Electric screwdriver, wooden or rubber mallet, spirit level, hammer, handsaw, Stanley knife, stepladder, sealant and gun.
Treat your new structure with wood preservative as soon as it is built to ensure it's protected against the elements.

Roof Material: Tongue & groove board

Roof Thickness: 19mm

Roof Covering Included: Yes

Roof Covering Material: Green mineral polyester backed power felt

Floor Material: Tongue & groove board

Primary Material: Wood

Wood Finish: Smooth Planed 

Length (mm)Width (mm)Base Size (mm)Internal Size (mm)External Ridge Height (mm)External Eaves Height (mm)Internal Ridge Height (mm)Internal Eaves Height (mm)No. of WindowsNo. of Doors
9150 5350 9150x5350 8960x5160 3139 2189 2927 2126 5 1
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