How to Build a Compost Café - National Gardening Week 2015

To take part in National Gardening Week, there are plenty of things you can do to celebrate nature and the environment. And whatever you choose to do, whether it be big or small, every job matters.

If you want to get involved but are stuck for ideas, see our recent post about the event. In it, we share a little inspiration to get you started. This time however we are going to show you how to make a ‘compost café’.

What is a Compost Café?

Compost offers shelter to wildlife such as hedgehogs, mice and other small animals. The compost not only provides warmth but also contains food such as worms and slugs for the animals.

So essentially, your compost café will be an area contained within your garden, made to attract wildlife and create a comfortable place for them to stay. All you need is a composter, otherwise known as a compost bin, and some compost to be on your way to making an impressive composting café in no time.

How to Make Compost

The following materials are ideal for making compost…

  • Waste organic material such as fruit & veg peelings, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Weeds, old plants and dry leaves
  • Animal manure
  • Straw and wood shavings
  • Cardboard and shredded newspaper
  • The perfect mixture of materials will be able to offer the compost enough moisture and air. If your mixture is a little dry, you can water it. On the other hand, if your compost is too wet and smells unpleasant due to using too many grass cuttings, just add some shredded newspaper to the heap.

    Getting a Compost Bin

    Composters are available in a range of different sizes, to suit the dimensions of your garden. Wooden composters can look especially attractive in your garden as they blend in better with natural surroundings. The material and design however is completely up to you!

    When it comes to building your composting bin, you want to make sure you are first placing it on a level surface. For best results, fork the ground over before starting your assembly. If your composter comes flat packed, it should be simple enough to follow the instructions provided.

    You also have the option of covering your composter with a cover to help retain the heat inside and prevent the compost from drying out or becoming water logged.

    So there we have it! Let us know how you get on with building your very own compost café, as part of National Gardening Week 2015.


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