Hotties Heat Logs are a UK-made, 100% renewable heatlog, denser and drier than other heatlogs, non-crumbling and non-expanding. Hotties give off powerful and reliable heat, every time.

Why use Heat Logs?
• Woodsure Accredited.
• Grown in Britain.
• FSC Certified.
• Easy and clean to handle and easy to stack/store.
• Burn time of 1.5-2hrs (dependent on fire type).
• Market leading in heat output.
• Reliable flame with assured warmth: once you use them, you’ll always want to use them!
• Easy to light, burn well, throw off great heat, safe (no expansion during burning).
• Low ash residue (0-5-0.7%), no soot, keep stoves, cassette fires and chimneys clean.
• Low moisture content - normally less than 5% (average wood log moisture content is between 25 and 50%).
• No spitting or sparking.
• Great used alone or mixed with regular fuel type.