Gardening Jobs for June

Do you need to know which gardening jobs to do in June? We have come to the rescue, offering plenty of advice to get you started. Summer is only around the corner so it really helps to be prepared.

Get Composting

Composting will be made a little easier at this time of year as your garden is likely full of growth, ready to be disposed of. Use nitrogen-rich material like manure and grass clippings, as well as carbon-rich material like woody clippings and flower stalks to fill your compost bins.

Your composter needs to be kept moist so that the materials hold together but do not drip water. You can also turn your compost once a week to speed up the rotting process.

Look after your Lawn

As the warmer weather encourages grass growth, it is recommended that you ideally mow the lawn once a week. Apply a lawn feed as often as the packaging instructs, and trim the lawn edges to make your garden look neat and tidy.

Take care of your Plants

In hot weather, you will need to water your containers and baskets, as well as feed them with a balanced liquid fertiliser every 2 to 4 weeks.

Remember to keep a look out for white powdery mildew on plants. Remove the affected parts and spray with a fungicide to prevent it from spreading further. It is also advisable to rub off aphids on the underside of leaves. You can use either your hand, a spray with an insecticide or a natural pest control.

You can check for vine weevils on your plants and treat with nematodes if needed. Now is also a good time to start thinking about preventing slugs and clipping hedges such as Box and Yew while they are still growing.

So there you have it...a few garden job ideas to get you started this June. Let's just hope its a sunny one!


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