Garden Aggregate: Add Colour & Contrast

The many applications of garden aggregate make it a favourite product for gardeners. It can be used aesthetically, as it’s very pleasing to the eye. It is natural in tone and neutral enough in colour to blend easily with most gardens, regardless of foliage used. And, it serves as a good ground cover, as well as having many other useful possibilities for gardeners. Relatively speaking, it is quite cost-effective, as well.

Plum Slate

A much-favoured decorative aggregate that’s used by many gardeners is plum slate. The natural plum-colour of this material, when dry, makes it a perfect covering for wide and narrow strips of earth. Either in this way or as a border around your house – for strips of gardens or merely for decorative purposes – there’s no finer material for the price. If you do pot planting, plum slate acts as an excellent cover for the potting soil.

This is especially true if your pots rest where rainfall hits them or where it sluices off of your rooftop, as this can wash away your expensive quality planting soil. If you tread around in the garden a lot, slate is a sturdier surface to walk on and may be less likely to cause stumbles, too. For this reason, many people use it as a driveway covering, too.

For rock pools, waterfalls or natural-looking waterways, this garden aggregate sparkles, adding dimension to standing or moving water. Also, it can cut reflected heat off of larger cement or stone surfaces, by being laid with surrounding walking stones. Use it as walking surfaces between railways sleeper or heavy rail steps between decking levels or sloped gardens. As a pathway covering, it’s recommended to put a layer of Geotextile Weed Membrane beneath slate to cut weed growth.

Combine plum slate with garden aggregate materials like cement and ballast or postmix to create more slip-resistant steps and surfaces. Perfect near swimming pools! If using this method indoors, you might polish the surface, for more sheen and easier cleaning. Plum slate comes in several sized bags at AVS Fencing Supplies. AVS, the preferred supplier of all things for casual and professional gardeners and builders, has all the aggregates and tools to fashion it that you need.

Pea Shingle

Pea shingle is another popular garden aggregate. A perfect decorative covering for gardens, it works like plum slate to protect potted plants and garden beds. Similarly, it acts as a protective ‘mulch’ layer, insulating plants during harsh winters. Other AVS aggregate products include fine building sand for brick laying; course sand for paving, a bit less yellow-coloured than the fine product; and, fantastic slip-stopping winter aggregates, Enviro Thaw and Rock Salt.

Other Products

Some of the most used AVS garden aggregate products for all your fencing, paving, deck foundation and general construction needs are our popular cement and ballast and postfix or postmix quick-setting mixes. Used for installing fence posts and many other things, they are economical and the best in quality, like all AVS products. Buy at AVS to get the highest quality supplies and advice for all your gardening, fencing, landscaping and construction projects.


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