Picket Fence Panels

Picket fence panels are a pre-made picket that take the hassle out of your fence build. Otherwise known as timber palisade, our picket panels are supplied in a standard 1.8m width.

If you’re after the timeless look of the picket but want to save time on the installation these picket fence panels are ideal. They can be easily nailed directly onto the face of a post giving you an instant fence without the effort of measuring and nailing the pales on individually.

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Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Ideal for Level and Sloping Ground

Our attractively made picket fence panels are suited to level ground conditions as the rigid construction will not slope. However, if you do have sloping ground all is not lost as it is possible to step the panels along your fence line.

Compliment any Setting

The timber has a smoother surface than you would get with loose picket materials with a tantalised finish in a natural light brown/green colour.

If your property has a traditional feel or a modern look, these picket fence panels have the ability to compliment any setting. So if you are planning a garden redesign or replacing an existing construction, you are sure to find something suitable in our palisade and picket ranges.

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