Trellis & Lattice

Trellis is perfect for creating a green boundary in your front garden, a wall display or even for dividing up your back garden - the possibilities are endless!

Garden trellis panels are also great on their own, creating an open style of garden fencing. The AVS range of trellis panels and lattice products can add style and elegance to your garden, and are ideal as screens, climbing plant supports or as a fence line.

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Our Garden Trellis & Lattice Range at AVS

What is Garden Trellis?

Trellis is a simple architectural framework, normally made from lattice, and is primarily built to support or frame climbing plants. Now a fashionable garden feature, it is also a relatively inexpensive way of screening your outdoor space, offering added privacy and acting as an attractive alternative to traditional fence panels.

What are Lattice Fence Panels?

Lattice is a flat panel structure which usually serve as trellis, constructed from crisscrossed strips of wood. Whilst similar to trellis, lattice is more of a decorative garden feature designed to enhance or transform your outdoor space, by giving your property a detailed and finished look.

Our range of garden lattice panels at AVS are perfect for creating secluded sections in your garden. Lattice can also add extra height to your fencing as a fence panel topper, or can be used as skirting at the bottom of decks and porches.

How to Install Garden Trellis:

A trellis is only as strong as its support, with the sturdiest being a garden wall or fence. There are various ways to install it, and AVS offer products which cater for each of these.

1.  Freestanding Trellis

Choose the right posts to secure your trellis between. We suggest a minimum post size of 50mm x 50mm, with our range of standard timber fence posts at AVS being a perfect place to start.

Many of these products are also covered by a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. Excellent value for your money!

2.       Wall-Mounted Trellis

When fixing trellis to a wall, use battens to create a gap allowing plants to grow. These should be mounted vertically using screw and wall plugs, at a distance of 600mm apart.

Trellis being mounted to the top of a wall using post extenders


3.      Fence Top Trellis

Trellis can be used to add extra height and a decorative finish to your fence line. This use requires the existing fence posts to be extended to match the new height. We recommend using Metpost post extenders, and attaching the trellis to the posts using Metpost Metclips or screws.


Why Choose Trellis over Traditional Fence Panels?

Perfect for building structured archways, enclosing flowerbeds, and offering additional privacy, there's a number of reasons why garden trellis makes an attractive alternative to traditional fencing.

· Sunlight passes through

Trellis allows more sunlight to enter your garden. This will brighten up dark corners and help your plants to thrive!

· Resilient in windy weather

It allows the air to flow through, making it a more resistant alternative to traditional fencing in windy weather.

· Allows for personalisation of garden space

Customise your outdoor space with different shaped trellis panels and lattice designs available at AVS.

· Hides unsightly views

Whether it’s the garden tools you can’t quite fit in your shed or a bit of shrubbery you haven’t got round to pruning, trellis is the ideal solution to hide those unsightly scenes.

DIY Ideas for Garden Trellis & Lattice

Outdoors decking area enclosed by privacy lattice panels 1.      Create a screened outdoor seating area

Perfect for garden parties, create an elegant finish for your enviable entertainment area. Whether it’s for decking or a patio finish, trellis and lattice designs provide the perfect enclosure.

2.      Use as an entrance gate

Trellis can also be used to design a bespoke and contemporary garden gate for the entrance to your property! We recommend using our wooden gate posts for a sturdy finish.

3.      Construct a trellis fence strung with garden tealights

Give your Summer evenings a cosier feel by hanging garden tealights across your freestanding trellis fence!

Trellis fence panel with multicoloured tea light candles attached

4.      Create a screened work space

Lattice privacy panels are ideal for creating an outdoor privacy screen.

Browse garden trellis and lattice designs online at AVS for inspirational ideas for your dream garden.

How to Install Trellis Instructions

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