Metal Fence Posts

Our metal fence posts are a must buy if you're looking for a product with a longer lifespan than their timber counterparts.

Stronger and longer lasting than their timber counterpart, metal fence posts require very little maintenance as any scratches or marks can be easily covered with a little black gloss paint. In addition, a further coat of paint may be required during installation to prevent rusting.

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Our range of metal fence posts are manufactured by the leading brand Metpost and are available in a wide variety of sizes. Their designs focus on ease of use and ensure that the end user has a stress free time installing them. This selection of metal fence posts are ideal of securing railings or other metal panels and can be fixed to timber or brick walls easily.

Equally suited for garden or security fencing, metal fence posts cannot rot and therefore are a good, long lasting option, even in locations prone to wet conditions.

The bolt down variety makes it even easier to install your posts. If you don't particularly relish the thought of concreting a post into the ground, these metal posts make installation a breeze.

When concreting metal fence posts into the ground, the posts should be buried approximately 600mm (2ft) deep and the concrete is to be placed around the post and base plate to secure it. Here at AVS we are experts in fencing, so if you have any questions on choosing the right products or just don't know how to use them, get in touch with us any time.


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