Plywood sheets can be used in many different applications.

Ply is typically used for flooring, roofing, shuttering and site hoarding and can be used to board up empty buildings.

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What is Plywood?

To create the Ply, slices of wood are glued together, usually with each layer going against the grain of the one beneath it. This creates a very strong piece of wood that can be used for different projects.

Plywood Construction

SmartPly SiteProtect

SmartPly SiteProtect is coated with a smooth heavy-duty exterior cross-linked polymer surface treatment and has been specifically designed for use in temporary site hoarding and security installations.

Plywood Sheets

The Plywood sheet that we offer has been manufactured to Pinex Grade C+ / C and is ideal for a range of applications. This sheet can be painted or varnished to protect it from excessive moisture. Take care with the edges to make sure that de-lamination of the sheet does not occur.


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