Fence Kits – All in One

Fence kits ideal for easy set up of fencing, are a perfect choice for property owners. Garden fence kits offer an easy way to create barriers to protect your veggie and flower garden beds. Such complete kits are a favourite of DIY folks, as everything comes ready to build. Buy quality kits, and your benefits include getting a top value fence that lasts and wears well for years, complements your landscaping efforts and provides security.

Quick and Simple

For novice fence-builders, fence kits provide ease of construction and require less time selecting materials. While most kits come complete with all the parts you’ll need, some require buying only a few additional products. These might include nails or some minor items key to construction, but all the major elements will be included. For systems secured in gravel board bases, the gravel board and fixing cleats are included. Buy 100% guaranteed fence kits sold by AVS Fencing Supplies – England’s premier quality fencing, decking and landscaping supplier – and you get all you need. This entails a single fencing panel, fence post or posts, and a bag of post fix, an easy-to-use mix for planting fence posts into the ground. Securing your posts for any fencing is key, as they’re the support system holding the entire structure up.

Your Choice

Deciding which sturdy, attractive AVS fence kits to buy is a matter of function, fence location and taste. Rustic looking lap panels appeal to many gardeners. To extend a fence, simply buy extra pressure- or dip-treated panels that match your garden structures, decking or other property features. Be sure to purchase a slotted end post and a slotted corner post, if needed. Dip treated timber has a lush dark brown look, while pressure treated panels have an appealing natural light colour. Both treatments help wood resist rot and decay above and below ground. AVS timber fence posts, composed of kiln dried UK sourced pine, are the best for fence posts.


If working in softer earth, you’ll have an easier time. When installing garden fence kits, simply use a post hole digger to clear soil away for planting posts; you won’t need post fix (or cement and ballast) for post bases. Use a driving tool to pound in sturdy Metpost spikes (preferred by professional fencing installers), to secure posts upright. Layered backfilling and tamping of earth follows. Purchase an extra post for the end of a fencing run, and rust-resistant galvanised nails to attach those fence kits’ panels to posts. Add pressure-treated decorative finials or post caps onto post tops for a nice touch that prevents rain from entering posts, and they’ll last longer. Apply various stains to get the colour you desire. There, you've got a lovely fence installed! Want even sturdier, more cost-effective fencing? Consider durable closeboard garden fence kits, used in many commercial settings. Tough gravel board cant rails secure this fencing to keep it erect for years, as do tightly constructed arris rails and featheredge boards. You’ll need brickwork fixings if attaching timber wall plates to walls.


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