Farm Fencing Equipment Saves You Money

Over time, buying quality farm fencing equipment will surely save you money. Gardeners, farmers, other agricultural and landscapers know this. Money you spend buying vegetables and other crops, or flower gardens, is wasted if rabbits and other critters get to it. Livestock can escape weak or downed fencing, or be injured by badly made fences.

A Good Investment for the Future

Another saving you gain from properly made and installed farm fencing equipment could be the hours to months of labour you spent planting things. If it’s livestock you are containing or protecting, months to years of your feed, care and medicinal monies could be lost. This just refers to the initial expenditures you make.

Potential losses also include future earnings. If you breed and sell stock for a living, live off of production of the animals, installing good farm fencing equipment might be the best investment you’ll ever make. Are you keeping your pets secured, for their protection or to ensure they do not bite passers-by? We all love our pets and don’t want to lose them.

Horses mean the world to equestrians. If you raise them for breeding, sale or rental riding, future earnings are lost if even one is lost. Some gardeners, homeowners, or owners of nature gardens or aviaries use versions of farm fencing equipment to keep birds in or out, as well. Below are just a few ways you might employ fencing for your farming needs.

  • Barbed Wire Fences
  • Also called barb wire, this type of farm fencing equipment is usually used for livestock and security. Barbed wire fencing, two strands of galvanized steel wire with barbs on it, is secured to timber posts with galvanized plain staples. Wire typically comes in 200m coils, is strong, durable fencing, and is an excellent value for the money.

    You can purchase quality AVS barbed wire at AVS Fencing Supplies, the UK’s recognised top dealer of all fencing, decking and landscaping supplies. You’ll appreciate the extensive AVS farm fencing equipment stock, and no one provides better service or installation information. They sell both the British standard barbed wire and High Tensile versions.

  • Board Fences
  • Often used to border property, this fencing is preferred by some farmers for protecting livestock (or pets) that might sustain injuries from barbed wire. It costs more than barbed wire, as it requires more materials and labour for installation and upkeep. However, it’s a favourite farm fencing equipment option for many.

  • Stock Fencing
  • Usually used to keep in sheep, stock fencing is a widely preferred farm fencing equipment choice, especially AVS’s strong, galvanized soft-on-fingers C8/80/15 version. As with barbed wire, you’ll need tensioning tools to install this fencing. Typical wooden elements include peeled and treated half round stakes, and rails; add-ons being the fence post rammers, line wires and staples.

  • Wire Netting
  • Used as fencing to protect crops from rabbits and other creatures., this farm fencing equipment application uses galvanised line wire to hold it in place. Similar fence posts and stakes to secure the posts will be needed, as well.

  • Electrified and Other Fencing
  • Also, consider electrified fencing for horses and other livestock; woven wire fencing; high-tensile wire fencing; steel fencing; and, cable fences.

    Look to AVS for all these and many other farm fencing equipment needs.


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