Carpenters Mate

Carpenters Mate are a very well known brand to both DIY customers and professional trade users. The quality of care that goes into each screw and fastener is expressed in the popularity of their brand.

Here is another example of manufacturing with the customer in mind. Their products are all about efficiency and making the most out of your time. Their fixings minimise the need to swap tools and reduces to amount of mess created.

Designed for outdoor use, these Carpenters Mate screws are corrosion resistant. They won't spoil all your hard work and should continue to perform for years to come.

AVS are able to provide a wide selection of Carpenters Mate landscaping screws, as well as the very popular exterior wood screws. Many of these come with the drill bit included. It's details like that that give Carpenters Mate the edge in this industry.

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