Envirothaw The Revolutionary De-Icer!

Do you remember last winter when the snow and ice brought the country to a standstill? Well if you do, AVS Fencing Supplies are pleased to announce that we have a solution as we now stock Envirothaw!

Ok, so what is Envirothaw?

Envirothaw is offered as an alternative to rock salt and is designed to eliminate damage caused by the traditional methods of melting ice and snow. Additionally Envirothaw is fast acting, economical, environmentally friendly and very effective for clearing areas affected by ice and snow.

So how does it work?

It depresses the freezing point of water so that it remains in the liquid state at temperatures below zero, while also generating heat on contact with the ice.

What are the benefits of me buying Envirothaw?

Firstly it acts much faster than salt; secondly it can clear a square metre with less volume than with salt, and thirdly it works on ice at temperatures below the freezing point of Salt Grit which stops working at -21oc!

So what are you waiting for? It’s faster, more environmental, pet safe, leaves no dirty residue, its economical and it can be used on any paving surface. So act now and buy Envirothaw either at one of our seven branches, over the phone or on our fantastic easy to use website.


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