Electric Fencing for Horses

Protect your horses and property with electric fencing for horses. For equestrians and farmers, it offers many benefits and is a low cost alternative to traditional fencing. If added to existing fencing, it can make fences safer and extend their life. It’s easier to install and maintain than you think, it works great and can save you the purchase cost many times over. You can use it temporarily to hold, move or train horses, or for more permanent containment.

Why use electric fencing?

Such special fencing trains horses not to lean on fencing, which could break. Broken or collapsed fencing can injure horses and allow them (or other penned stock) to roam freely, possibly into traffic. Barbed wire can seriously damage a horse’s coat and potentially kill it. Electric fencing for horses is mainly used as a deterrent - it teaches horses to avoid the fence line altogether.

Electric fencing is not cruel, but actually protects your horses. The mild shock delivered is nothing when compared to the above potential injuries. A visible pasture fence helps your horse define his boundaries. Electric fencing for horses keeps out unwanted intruders such as foxes, saving costs for farmers, racing stable, zoo, wildlife park, and garden owners and operators, as well as homeowners.

What else will I need?

Horses chewing on (or “cribbing”) fences, costs money for fencing repairs and replacement. Electrified tape strips added along the top of existing fencing can prolong fence life. Horses in bordering pastures with shared fence lines often battle over traditional fences. However, after just a bit of contact with electric fencing for horses, they usually learn to back away.

You’ll need good top-grade fence posts, available at quality sources for electric fencing for horses. Posts must be securely positioned in the ground, earthing stakes planted to ground current, and bordering foliage trimmed to keep the electricity from grounding out. Expert AVS staff gives free, detailed tips on the easiest, cheapest ways to accomplish this.

AVS have quality chestnut post and rail fencing, stakes and paling fencing, as well as all of the other timber posts to make fence installation and improvement a snap. Chestnut is a very durable hardwood suited for electric fencing for horses. AVS proudly uses chestnut grown in the UK. At the many AVS locations, you can also purchase electric netting to thwart invasion by rabbits, badgers, deer and even newts.

The most common types of electric set-up use tension-held strips of electric wire or tape. These include braided Electro-rope (good in windy areas), galvanised hard line wires (best for long distances due to its tautness) or Polywires (low-cost, temporary tape that can allow an entangled horse to break free). Combined permanent and electric fencing for horses might be best for property bordering busy thoroughfares.

Any system requires energisers (either mains powered, wet battery and dry battery), storage reels if using temporary stripping (such as quality Rutland reels), and spring gates. AVS now supply these items, as well as the insulated cable, various insulators and batteries and the many types of permanent fencing materials you need to protect your horses.


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