Electric Fencing for Chickens

Protecting poultry with electric fencing for chickens need not be costly. In fact, it can save you a lot of money. Simple systems can protect against many predators. Laying hens, stock poultry, pastured broilers or even backyard chickens (as well as geese, ducks, pheasants and other fowl) cost you good money? If these birds make money for you, their loss could mean a lost livelihood, too. Prized, rare chicken breeds can cost both cash and heartbreak to lose.

Get Advice

Consult with experts to find out the best way to secure your birds with chicken wire. AVS Fencing Supplies, best friend to farmers, landscapers and homeowners, have many materials you can use to create low-cost, effective electric fencing for chickens. They sell all chicken fencing items, including chain link and stock fencing, galvanised wire netting, soft and hard line wires, fence posts, energiser systems and every tool needed for installation of electric systems. More on these, below.

Keep Predators Out

You obviously need some fencing to keep the cluckers contained, even if they’re free-range birds. While even chickens in coops may be protected by perimeter fencing, it’s not enough for wily hunters. As you likely know, electric fencing for chickens is primarily used to keep predators out! The list of potential predators is long, and longer still if you live in a more rural area. Chickens are preyed upon by badgers, foxes, raccoons, weasels, possums, skunks, mink and coyotes, on the ground.

There are many other possible invaders, including dogs, cats and larger animals, but don’t forget the smaller ones that electric fencing for chickens can keep out. Chicken eggs, tiny chicks and cute pullets are also hunted by mice, rats, snakes, squirrels and other pests. Vermin will eat the birds’ feed, as well.

Use the Right Materials

Mow any grass and debris that can short out the electrical system. Remove any items that might make the fencing easy to get around, or adapt your fencing to it. Use AVS’s superb galvanised wire netting, which comes in 50m rolls; the 50mm mesh, available in 1.8m high rolls, should work well. If installed in soft earth, electric fencing for chickens needs only timber fence posts secured into the earth, using stakes to hold them upright while burying. Line wires, which hold up the netting, come in soft, hard and green versions. You’ll need netting clipping pliers, netting, fasteners and staples, and insulators as well as some other electrical system elements.

Peeled and treated half round or round pointed posts work well, and be sure to get the proper tools for back filling and ramming soil in layers. Primarily worried about larger predators? Perimeter chain link fencing might work best, with concreted-in wooden fence posts or metal ones. But, most large runs use the wire net and soft-on-hands wire fencing, with energisers systems to stun and stop would-be intruders.

AVS have all the components to create your ideal electric fencing for chickens system. We supply quality UK-grown, sustainable timber. You can use this to construct large wire-topped runs to stop aviary predators, or smaller runs that extend off of backyard chicken coops.


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