Decking Restorer

Decking restorer cleans and rejuvenates timber surfaces, helping to give them a brand new lease of life.

Garden decking can add value and desirability to your home, extending you entertaining space in the summer months. And if you have a patio heater, you can even enjoy it during the winter. After constant use or when it gets exposed to adverse weather, the timber can get a little dull.

Decking restorer can bring the brightness back to the wood, making it look as good as new.

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Have you just cleaned or stripped the old stain off of your garden deck? Is the wood looking a little lifeless? Use one of our decking restorers to transform it.

It can happen to the best of us. We painstakingly remove the old deck stain before we apply a new one and we find that the process has also stripped the colour out of the timber. Or perhaps we have neglected our deck and cleaning the surface just isn't doing the trick.

This is where decking restorer comes in. It can lighten the colour without the need for harmful bleaching and brings out the natural grain.

Restorer also acts as a decking cleaner, removing surface dirt and grime and replenishing the timber with nutrients.

AVS recommend that you use a decking restorer whenever you feel that it is beginning to look weathered. Apply using a stiff bristled brush or broom and rinse thoroughly with a hose or a pressure washer on a very low setting. If using a restorer before applying a treatment or a stain, please follow the instructions on the label and allow the timber to dry out before you apply.


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