Cheapest Nearby Petrol Stations

Cheapest Nearby Petrol Stations

Owning a vehicle is expensive. Even if you were jammy enough to snag yourself a decent deal, once you have the car you then face expensive maintenance, fuel, and upkeep charges to add into the package. For those relying on their motor for work purposes, this is an added expense being forked out every single day just to get back and forth between the job, builders suppliers, and home.

Fuel is probably the main issue people take objection with. You can cut a few corners when it comes to maintaining your car, but it simply won’t run if the tank isn’t filled up. Leaving motorists at the mercy of shockingly fast increasing prices at the fuel pump.

Thanks to Opec (one of the world’s major players in the oil industry), prices are only getting worse. After announcing an agreed production freeze; oil prices soared.

Here at AVS we don’t have much say over the price of petrol. But we are happy to reveal the cheapest filling stations within five miles of each of our branches. So, in the spirit of looking after the pennies, here’s where we’ve discovered is best to fill up the tank.

All prices correct as of April 17th, 2017.

Our Basingstoke Branch

It's supermarket chain Morrison’s that trumps the competition near our Basingstoke branch. Coming in at 115ppl (pence per litre) – that’s under the area’s average price of 118ppl. Be careful though, some petrol stations in the region are charging 121.9ppl.

Postcode to petrol station: RG22 6PL

Our Guildford Branch

It’s no surprise that many people find the rich history and culture of Guildford the first thought that springs to mind when thinking of the Surrey town. Indeed Guildford Castle is thought to have been built after the 1066 Norman invasion of England. But others perhaps find their interest in learning stage & screen icon Bonnie Langford grew up in the area. For us? It’s our well-stocked branch of fencing & landscaping supplies.

With average prices being around the 119.73ppl mark, a Sainsbury’s less than two miles away is currently priced at 117.4ppl.

Postcode to petrol station: GU7 1QL

Our Havant Branch

We've all seen their adverts promising to be one of the less expensive grocery retailers, and it seems supermarkets are coming up trumps again in the battle against costly fuel. Our Havant branch may be just under 4 miles from this Asda, but priced at 114.7ppl, if you’re heading in its direction you should definitely take advantage of the cheaper prices.

Postcode to petrol station: PO9 3QP

Our Henfield Branch
Our Henfield branch was where it all began. Back in 1993, our first AVS branch was opened, and today it remains popular still, now also with many of our online deliveries coming from here. Though we’ll admit we can’t quite find anywhere that sells petrol at the price it was when we first opened, Sainsburys West Hove branch is currently priced at 116ppl.

Postcode to petrol station: BN3 7GD

Our Lewes Branch

Our Lewes branch has also been trading for quite a long time. Since 1998 we’ve been supplying the South East with all their trade and DIY project supplies! Located only 3 miles from our shop, the Lewes Tesco is currently priced at 116.9ppl. Beating the highest price in the region of 120ppl!

Postcode to petrol station: BN7 2BY

Our Peterborough Branch
The most northern of our shops, this AVS was opened in 2006 and is a popular choice for those requiring our varied stock and timber cutting services. It seems that the generalisation that prices tend to be cheaper the further north you travel is true, as Morrisons Peterborough, only two and a half miles from our shop, is priced at 114ppl, compared to the average of 118.53ppl.

Postcode to filling station: PE4 6WS.

Our Rudgwick Branch
Head over to Tesco Extra in Horsham nearby to our Rudgwick branch for the most reasonable price to fill up your vehicle. Currently sitting at 116.9ppl, don’t forget about Tesco’s Clubcard scheme to get more for your money by collecting and redeeming points.

Postcode to filling station: RH12 37U

Our Wokingham Branch
It’s Asda Lower Earley about four miles from this branch of AVS that beats the areas highest price of 120.9ppl. As of 18th April, the supermarket’s petrol station is priced at 114.7ppl – definitely worth popping in the sat-nav if you’re heading in the direction.

Postcode for Asda Lower Earley: RG6 5TT

Make the pounds go further

1. If you work for a large firm with several vans, cars, or other vehicles, consider investing in fuel cards to save money.
2. Always plan where to fill-up. Often people don’t pay much attention to the petrol gage until the light comes on to let you know you need to fill up. Avoid pulling into the nearest (and potentially most pricey!) petrol station by planning ahead when you know where you’ll be.
3. Use PetrolPrices to monitor prices in your region. It’s a great website that monitors prices of petrol and diesel. You can search by street or postcode to find the filling stations near you.
4. Take advantage of loyalty schemes. You’d be surprised how quickly points add up to something worthwhile! Most supermarkets have one, each offering something different. But they’re free to join and don’t take much effort to scan the card each time you fill-up!

It seems every other week we read something new about the petrol price war. As they continue to shoot up and down, and with the uncertainty of prices post-Brexit, it’s definitely a good time to consider how much you are forking out each month to keep your motor running, and if possible, save a few quid.


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