Everyone in AVS signs up to the Team Charter, by signing you are demonstrating that you understand and are agreeing to our vision/mission/priorities/Values and behaviours.

The purpose of the Team Charter is to show commitment to where we want the business to go and how we want it to be.

  • We recruit and performance manage against this.
  • We reward and celebrate those that demonstrate the values and behaviours.
  • Our meetings focus on the priorities and we measure our success against them.
  • We need to challenge ourselves and each other on performance and behaviours against what is set out on the Team Charter.

If something doesn’t feel aligned to the charter, either a business decision, policy or process you are free to challenge it because we want to be held to account.

The leadership team have signed up and are committed to achieving what has been set out on the Charter. We are asking that you do too.

Equal Opportunities

Being ‘On your side’ means we keep equality of opportunity at the heart of our recruitment process. You’ll be judged on your suitability for the job and nothing else.

Respect is one of our values, as so when you work with us, you’ll be treated fairly whatever your age, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or family circumstances.

If you need any assistance or want more information please contact a member of our People Team on 01403 212 100 (option 5).