AVS Fence Panel Anti Rot Guarantee


  • “Us”, “We”, “Our”: AVS Fencing Supplies Limited.
  • “the Customer”: The person/s who has purchased the fence panels from us and is shown on the Sales Invoice.
  • “Rotted”: Damage caused by rot, sufficient to materially effect the physical integrity of the fence panel.
  • “fence panels”: The fence panels defined below referred to in the Sales Invoice.
  • “Dip Treated”: The timber has undergone treatment through being soaked and bathed in a protective treatment.
  • “Pressure Treated”: The protective treatment applied in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant.
  • “Lap panel”: A horizontally boarded fence panel constructed with waney edge slats.
  • “Closeboard panel”: A vertically boarded fence panel, constructed with featheredge boards.
  • “Continental panel”: A range of decorative panels constructed from pressure treated timber.
  • “the Property”: The address where the fence panels are first installed as shown in the sales invoice.

  • “the Sales Invoice”: Our sales invoice for the sale of the fence panels.
  • “Working Day”: Any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday.
  • Benefits to the Customer

    We will replace any fence panels without charge which have rotted within the period of 10 years for dip treated fence panels and 15 years for pressure treated fence panels, starting from the date of the Sales Invoice. The benefits of this Guarantee are limited to the Customer only and are restricted to the provision of replacement of the fence panels only.


    This guarantee is conditional upon the customer complying with the following conditions and procedures:-

    The original sales invoice is produced as proof of purchase of the fence panels.

    The customer must follow the claims procedure. In the event of a claim the customer must provide us with every reasonable opportunity to inspect the fence panels and allow us to remove samples of wood or other material for testing as may be appropriate.

    The fence panels must be left in situ as originally installed until a preliminary inspection has been made or the claim settled without inspection.

    Making a Claim

    The customer must notify us in writing within a reasonable period of the customer first becoming aware of circumstances which may give rise to a claim under this guarantee, giving full details, a photograph and quoting the sales invoice number.

    For the replacement of up to eight fence panels we will give notification as to the claims acceptance within 10 working days.

    For the replacement of nine or more fence panels, in most cases we will make a preliminary inspection of the fence panels no later than 10 working days after receiving the claim.

    We will issue notification as to the claims acceptance within 10 working days after the inspection and any replacements will be arranged.

    We will endeavour to supply fence panels to match as closely as possible as the ones being replaced, however this may be affected by changes in availability and design. In these circumstances we will replace the affected fence panels with ones of a similar design and value.

    Claims should be posted to:

    AVS Fencing Supplies Ltd, The Pavilion, Graylands Estate, Langhurstwood Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4QD


    This guarantee does not cover the following:-

    All forms of mechanical damage, including wind damage and general deterioration. The fence panels have been used for a purpose for which they were not designed. The costs of removal, disposal or the installation of any replacement fence panels. Any incidental, economic or consequential loss whatsoever which results from the rotting of fence panels, including but not limited to loss of profits and damage to third parties.

    Where the fence panels are originally installed at a location outside a radius of 50 miles from one of our depots. We are not satisfied that the fence panels were purchased from us. We cannot or are prevented from inspecting the fence panels as they were originally installed and where they were originally installed.

    This guarantee may not be transferred to anyone else. Where part of the fence panels have been buried in soil or similar compounds. Where the fence panels have been installed within 50M of a woodland area. Where the fence panels have not been regularly treated with a suitable recognised preservative.

    Any fence panels purchased prior to 03/08/2012.


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