What can you do with Galvanised Wire?

A superb ‘fencing friend’, galvanised wire has abundant uses. You can rely on it for its strength in holding up many types of fencing; this is why it is called line wire. It comes in several types, varying in flexibility depending on your intended uses. Also, it comes in many different roll sizes to accommodate the amount of fencing you need or area enclosed. Indeed, its many purposes make it a great friend in agricultural, gardening and general fencing fencing.


A common type of galvanised wire is hard line wire. It is perfectly suited to support electric fencing or any long runs of fencing, including rabbit netting, sports field or tennis court netting and many others. This is due to its strength and durability. Galvanisation, a process that involves coating the wire with zinc, gives it superb resistance against rust and other corrosion. Interestingly, the overall galvanised coating even protects areas that have been scratched through, as the zinc usually ‘reaches’ these areas and protects them.

Galvanised hard line wire, also referred to as high tensile wire, is one galvanised wire that holds a great deal of tension and weight over distance. Hence, it is used where chain link fencing or electrified fencing needs support between fence posts spanning many metres or kilometres of property line. Farmers love it for this reason, as do those keeping in livestock or keeping out wild animals. It requires less work and maintenance after installation, due to its strength. It’s great for construction site fencing, to protect trees or new buildings.

If you need line wire that’s more flexible and easier to work with, the galvanised wire of choice is soft line wire, also called mild steel wire. It’s best for tying off joints and connections in your fencing. However, soft line wire will stretch eventually, especially if livestock or humans lean against it or climb it often. If this wire is used where tree branches or other items will lean or fall onto it, you might soon have sagging or downed fence lines.

How to Choose

To decide which line wire best suits your needs consult a professional fencing provider. AVS Fencing Supplies, long known for providing the highest quality fencing, decking and landscaping materials to UK folks, is the place to go. They’ll offer free advice – also available on their very helpful website. Whether with wood, metal or concrete or angle iron posts, galvanised wire also supports mesh fencing; cable fencing; barbed wire fencing; top-line use for electrified fencing; and, perimeter fencing, as it deters climbing this fencing. Line wire comes with some fencing at AVS, and must be bought separately with others.

Shop at AVS for all the additional products you need to install your galvanised wire, including winders and barrel strainers (to tension wire to angle iron or timber posts); fence posts; mixes to secure posts; electrified fencing components; galvanised wire stock fencing for sheep; and, all the stake posts, rails, staples and tools required to install. You’ll be glad you sought out the AVS pros for all your fencing and other home needs.


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