Reinvent your Garden with Upcycling

Mixing reclaimed and upcycled items with new ones can create a timeless look, especially when it comes to styling your garden. Stylish fencing and other garden elements can really be offset by a few quirky pieces, adding originality and style to an otherwise bland looking garden.

So what garden landscape designs can you create in your garden, using upcycled materials? Let’s explore a few ideas…

The Magical Wonderland

One idea is to use a mixture of old and new mirrors to create a magical feel.

Hang coloured bottles from trees, arbours and pergolas, and watch them glisten in the sun as they brighten up your garden. You could even make your decorations suitable for wildlife by making them into bird seed cakes. Just make sure the materials you use are safe for animals and birds.

Tyres are also handy objects for displaying plants and creating borders in the garden.

The Gardener’s Paradise

For this landscape design, think old watering cans, wellington boots and picnic blankets. Use old gardening items to create practical items and you’ll not only become the envy of your friends and neighbours, you’ll be saving heaps of money too.

How about using a tartan picnic blanket to make trendy cushions for your bench or table chairs – you might just want to wash it first though! You can use watering cans, wellington boots or even an old decorative bath tub to grow plants in. Encourage lots of plants to grow out of the spaces available to create a wild ‘overgrown’ look.

The Stylish Retreat

If you want to use quirky objects to liven up your garden but are worried about it becoming overcrowded, some careful planning is in order. You can still use upcycled objects such as watering cans, just don’t make them the centre of object. Place 1 or 2 objects around the edge of the garden for a subtle look.

Keep your garden looking sophisticated by adding clean lines with railway sleepers. They add a rustic look without being over-the-top and serve a practical purpose when used to make garden furniture, edging and retaining walls.

Did you know that wooden pallets can also be reused to create attractive objects such as flower planters in your garden. If you would like to get hold of some, just visit your local AVS branch and enquire inside. We have plenty to give away!

So if you’re now feeling a bit inspired to try upcycling your garden, let us know. The possibilities really are endless so just get creative and see where your experimenting takes you…


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