How to Create a Wonderful Winter Garden

Now that winter is coming, you might be considering what you can do to keep your garden looking beautiful throughout the season. Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn't mean you have to neglect your garden until your plants wake up.

Winter gardens can be enchanting places when they are done right. So why not treat your outdoor space to a little bit of magic and get it looking like a Winter Wonderland in no time?

Snowy Garden

  • Start with Structure

  • Applying structure to your garden will make it appear more defined and look less like it has washed away in the rain, snow and ice. You can also add plenty of interest in your garden with cleverly placed architecture and boundaries.

    Using a structure such as an arbour or an arch will be a focal point in a garden that can look otherwise drab in the winter weather. A simple structure can also help draw the eye away from something like empty brown earth or some plants that need attention.

    Structural pieces can also be incorporated with your winter plants. Plants add colour and vibrancy to a winter garden and can be placed in creative places and ways. Traditional plants such as holly and pyracantha, and festive flowers such as aconites and snowdrops all add a drop of colour.

    Trail your Christmas plants and flowers around a pergola or grow climbing plants up trellis panels to get a good balance of structure and nature. Or border the edge of your garden with garden edging or railway sleepers to get a similar effect.

  • Spread those Aggregates

  • plum slate

    It’s not just plants and flowers that can inject colour into a dull looking garden. Colourful aggregates such as plum slate can be used around flower beds and can act as an alternative to grass.

    Winter aggregates such as rock salt and Enviro Thaw are also extremely useful for preventing snow and ice to build up. Practical products like these will stop your garden ‘drowning’ and let all the beauty you've created shine through!

  • Plant Trees

  • Evergreen trees such as pines and cedars will make your garden look like it’s just stepped off a Christmas card. Conifers will add architectural interest to your garden while maintaining that all important natural appearance.

    Now it’s your turn!

    With a few handy tips and a little inspiration, we hope you are armed and ready to take on your garden this winter. Do you have any top tips for creating the perfect winter wonderland or do you plan on waiting until spring to pick up your gardening gloves? Either way, let us know!

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