How to Keep your Shed Secure

If you are looking for tips on keeping your garden shed secure, you have come to the right place. Of course, securing your shed is extremely important if you want to keep tools, equipment and valuable items inside, locked away from intruders. But how exactly should you go about keeping your items secure?

Placement and Boundaries

Not only should you consider your shed security but also the boundaries of your garden. If your fencing is in a good condition and doesn't have missing or broken panels, your garden should already be very secure. You could, however, also consider placing gravel around the entrances of your garden, to alert you to suspicious sounds.

Placing your garden shed somewhere that can be easily seen from inside your home but not from outside your property is another good way of keeping intruders at bay.

Windows and Doors

Start by looking at the actual structure of the garden shed. Is it in good condition or does it have a rotting door panel and flimsy shed roof, for example? If the shed is in poor condition, it makes it extra vulnerable to intruders.

Next, take a look at your shed windows. Make sure they are secure, fit with strong glass, and covered on the inside with some kind of curtain. Covering your windows will stop intruders seeing what’s inside your shed and potentially trying to steal it.

Extra Measures

Screws that are difficult to unscrew, such as coach screws, should be used to keep your garden shed secure. Padlocks can also be fitted to add extra strength.

If you have taken every precaution but your garden shed is still broken into, there are a few things you can do to keep your items safe. Chain your items together, using a padlock to make it more difficult for them to be taken away.

Another idea is to mark your items with a pen to make them less appealing to a thief. You could also invest in some security lighting to help deter strangers. If you want even more protection however, an alarm system should be installed.

Garden shed security is important to many shed owners. Just follow these few simple tips to protect your items and most importantly, give you better peace of mind.


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