World Naked Gardening Day & Other Gardening Jobs for May

Experienced landscapers like us know the naked truth about gardening and working in the great outdoors, particularly during the changeable UK spring and summer months. The weather can often hamper us. Bedding plants fly away in the wind and lunchboxes fill up with rain water.

But come rain or shine, this weekend we’ll be out in the fresh air with our gardening equipment, getting on with those all-important spring jobs. It’s just that some of us won’t be keeping our clothes on when we do it…

The History of World Naked Gardening Day

This Saturday, the 12th annual World Naked Gardening Day comes around again. Founded by Nude & Natural magazine editor Mark Story and Clothes Free International’s Corky Stanton, the idea came from a combination of guerrilla gardening and the World Naked Bike Ride.

Traditionally, guerrilla gardening involves planting by stealth, often during the hours of darkness, bringing bland spaces back to life with some natural colour. In contrast, the Naked Bike Ride and similar organised events have involved standing proud in your birthday suite and getting back to nature. It didn’t take long before the World Naked Gardening Day was born!

Gardening Jobs for May

So what should you be doing in the garden this weekend, (naked or otherwise)? Here are a handful of May gardening jobs to get you started.


As the weather starts to warm up, weeds can flourish. They can appear in your flower beds as well as your lawn. Weed killers can be used at this time of year, or if you have a chemical free garden you can weed out by hand.

Be sure to dispose of weeds carefully and never put them in the composter as you could spread the seeds around your garden again.


Now is the perfect time to trim and prune your plants to encourage new growth. Cut off old flower heads and old dead shoots and divide bedding plants.

This is also a good opportunity to inspect plants for pests and diseases.

Air out your greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse it’s important to open the vents during hotter days. This allows for good air circulation, it keeps the moisture levels even and also helps to prevent bacteria forming.

So, this weekend, whip out your weeding implements and trim your bushes as nature intended!


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